Friday, March 29, 2019

Traveling Quilt Update

I have been hard at work on the pieced parts of the current traveling quilt that I have.  
I have the Sea themed one.  
I thought I would show you the pieces I have done so far.  
The pieces for the top part are almost complete.  
I have to take a break to sew a binding on a baby quilt then I will resume.  

First up is Nessie.  It is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.  I may have shown this previously.

Then I finished a mermaid.  She is a pattern by Quiet Play.

I made some low volume Friendship Stars and realized I needed a few more of these.

I have the additional stars sewn into their rows, just need to put the rows together to form the stars.

I paper pieced a gigantic word too.


It means lover of the sea.
It was too large to get a good pic of so I took a video!

Once I finish the binding of the baby quilt I will be back at this again.

I hope to have time this weekend to do the math to put all these pieces together for the top.

Then on to making something for the bottom of the quilt!

What are your goals for the weekend?



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