Monday, March 18, 2019

I Think I Left Off With Vacation

When you stop blogging regularly it seems like it takes time to get back in the swing. 
I was out on vacation then got a nasty cold so that's why I have been MIA. 
 I have been posting in Instagram though as it is much faster and I don't need my computer to do it.

We stopped at 2 quilt shops on the way to NC.  The first one was in Nelsonville, OH.  
What a cool little town!  Very nice quilt shop too.

I thought this train was so colorful!

The second shop, The Fabric Shop, was in Pomeroy, OH.  
This shop used to be a general store and had crazy ladders they used to access the high shelves. 
 I made my husband model one of them, LOL.

We went to NC to visit our daughter and to be part of the celebration of my daughter's soon to be nana-in-law's 80 birthday. 
 It was nice to get to spend some time with her and with her future in-laws.
Me and my daughter.

Me with her future MIL.

On our way to Florida we had an unexpected stop to meet a long time Instagram friend of mine. 
 We met up for lunch and it was so nice to *finally* be able to meet her in person! 
 Please excuse my appearance.  I throw my hair into a ponytail when we travel.
  Makes me look bald, HAHA. Jenny sure looks cute though!

Then it was on to Florida!  We stay with my in-laws in Sarasota.  
They have a pool right across from their house too.

One of the days we went to Mote Marine Aquarium.  
It is not only an aquarium, but a research facility and rescue center.  

I think one of my favorite parts is petting the ray tank.

I was impressed by the Megaladon too.  Made hubby stand by it for size.

Then we stood by just it's teeth!  


I'm going to leave this here as this post is pretty photo heavy already.
I will post more tomorrow.
Including some more quilt shops!



chrisknits said...

I love the Nelsonville shop, I was just there a few weeks ago. Must try to get to the Pomeroy shop. Our daughter is at OU, so I think another "visit" is in order. LOL

Judy in Michigan said...

I love to go on vacation with you and your hubby!!

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