Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Minky Baby Quilts

Awhile ago, last summer, I decided I wanted to make a Minky quilt from scraps.  
I asked my friend if she would let me take from her scraps and combined with my own.  
I designed a little quilt and cut out LOADS of Minky.  
I cut out 3 of these quilts!  
I kept 2 and I gave one to my friend who gave me her scrap Minky to play with.  
I thought that a fuzzy front would be so fun AND decided to use a satin for the back!!!  
Talk about sensory overload! 
My niece was expecting at the beginning of June so this one was for her new baby.  
They knew they were having a girl.  
Of the 3 quilts I cut out 1 was def girly and the other 2 were more unisex.

I thought it was so cute.  Not that much to look at but I love it.  
This was before it was quilted.  

 I had my friend that has a long arm do the quilting.

I was going to try to fold the back around for the binding but the quilting went off the edge.
That made it really difficult so I opted to just machine bind it and 
used a wavy stitch to hold the binding in place.

You can see the whole top all quilted up in his photo.

I wanted a special label so decided to embroider a Caticorn.

I used a fusible I could sew to the front, and sewed all the way around.  
I cut an X in the web and turned it right side to, then pressed it to the quilt back. 
I decided to blanket stitch all the way around to secure it to the back. 
 I LOVE how this came out too!!!

Simply purrrrfect!  I think little miss Zoey seems to like it too.



Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

What a cute little label for the cute little baby. I hadn't heard of a caticorn. I was obviously missing out!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sweet, soft and purrfectly precious! Well done.

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