Friday, July 12, 2019

Birthday Continues

As if the TP machine was not enough, prior to that I had asked my friend if she was ever going to sell her white Featherweight machine.  
She said she would see if she could find it and then let me know what she would want for it.  
A day later the machine had been located and she gave me a price.  
She is SUCH a sweetie, she told me how much she paid for it. 
 I had to ask for the price again and she said, she just wanted what she paid for it! 
 I could NOT believe it!! 
 I never dreamed I would be able to afford one of the white ones, t
hey are usually much more than the black ones.  
So I had lunch with her the other day and she gave me the machine and I gave her the money.

This little beauty is now all mine!!! 
 I'm not sure how I won the sewing machine lotto but I am sure glad I did!!!

It came with a case,

And all the attachments you see here.  

I took her out and tested her stitch.  
My friend said she might need a new belt.  
I need to see an actual threading diagram but I did test her out and she sews a nice stitch!  

I am getting ready to go on retreat tomorrow so not as much time to play with her as I would like.
I will try to download a manual and see how to maintain and thread her.

Someone online asked me how many sewing machines I have.  
I took the time to list them all and 
counting the one that is coming in September (the TP) I will have 14.  
In my defense at least 5 of them will be ones I am trying to rehome (either sell or gift) 
but I need time to clean them up and oil them.  
One is done but I need to refinish the cabinet.  
Several are niche machines, like a Treadle and a serger.  
I will now have a Bernina 150 to sell if anyone is interested.  T
hat one could go out the door right now, if anyone knows someone that might be interested.  
Please contact me!  
She is a great little machine and has been serviced regularly!

Again, I say, happy birthday to me and Life is GOOD!



Angie said...

That's really neat you own a white Featherweight machine. I've not had an opportunity to see one of those! So cool that she gave you a good deal as well. Sewing machines are super! I love any sewing machine! Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

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