Monday, July 08, 2019

Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend was wonderful!  Most of it was the usual weekend stuff.  
We did spend time at the lake with the entire Lincoln clan on Thursday.  
That is always fun but a LONG day.  It was super hot so nice to be on the lake.

Friday I took as a bonus sewing day.  I managed to sew up a reading pillow. 
 For anyone that doesn't know, it is a pillow with a pocket for books.  
I read where a family used it by asking the kids to bring 3 books in their pillow 
to be read at bed time.  
I used a fluffy Minky type fabric for the front and back and some MLP fabric for the pocket. 
 I bought 2 MLP books and a small pony for the pocket.  
It will be gifted to our great niece this weekend at her birthday party 
(where I will not be).

Then I did some secret sewing on a project I need to gift to my daughter
at her bridal shower in 2 weeks.  
I will be able to share after it is gifted.  

I also, finally, put one of the crystal peacock designs that I bought a LONG time ago on a sweatshirt for my peacock loving daughter! 
 To be clear I bought it already designed on plastic and heat fixed it to the shirt.  
Then peeled off the plastic to have the design already made.  
The pic does NOT do it justice.  

I have an upcoming quilt retreat this weekend that I am SO looking forward to.  
I cleaned the house on Saturday to get ready to receive my friend, Traci.  
She flies in on Thursday (my birthday).

I was cutting up some vintage sheets at night while watching Veronica Mars and 
spending time with my amazing husband.  
I managed to get quite a few squares cut. 

 I cut 10", 5", 3", and 2.5" with some scraps left over . 

Nice stack of 10" squares

These were the scraps that I am going to mail off to someone that will love them.  
I may be generating more if you think you might be interested.
These are spoken for though.

Look for packs of VS to be showing up soon in my ETSY shop!

How was your weekend?



BarefootThunder said...

I bet that peacock is stunning!!

can you tell me please, where did you find the MLP fabric? Two of my grand daughters are very into them... their Dad is a bronie 😉 He loved them as a child, and now gets to re-live ponies with his daughters. I have been wanting to make them pillowcases for some time now.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am amazed at how much you get done! Great projects, each one!!

Linda said...

I love the reading pillow and am going to make one for my 3yo granddaughter. What size is yours?

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