Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Our Willow Tree

Last week my husband called me at work to tell me that our GIGANTIC willow tree had just fallen.
It was in our backyard.  
One side faces into the woods so it really was only growing on one side.  
I think all the water just weighted the branch side down so much that it actually cracked the trunk.  It's interesting that we both, independently, thought it should probably come down soon. 
 It fell perfectly between our house and the neighbors house.  
I don't think we could have taken it down more perfectly had we tried. 
It missed our house, the neighbor's house and for the most part their fence.

This gives a little perspective on the tree.  
It hit our maple and broke off a few branches but that was it!

 Neighbors removed their fence so we could get there to cut more easily.

Hubby was glad for his chain saw

Missed his Kayak too!

Don't mind those palettes.  
We pick them up for free and chop them up for fire wood for the camper.
You can see that it missed our outdoor furniture too.  
Just zoom in on that trunk! 
 The roots stayed in the ground it just snapped off at the trunk.

 Daughter is claiming a couple of 4 foot sections of trunk for "benches" at her fire pit.  
Good luck getting those out of the back yard!  
VERY heavy!

While we are happy this didn't cause any damage or hurt anyone, 
that tree has been part of our lives for over 30 years.  
I loved looking out the kitchen window and seeing it.  
You don't see many weeping willow trees around anymore. 
 My daughter cut some branches in hopes of rooting some new trees and will plant them at her farm.  We got deer a few times eating the willow, digestion aid. 
I will be sad not to see them anymore either.

RIP friend willow.  You will be missed!



Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Wow so sorry for the loss of your tree, and am glad that your houses, and pretty much everything else, and people were spared.

KaHolly said...

I am truly sorry for the loss of your willow. I have a stand of 3 on the left border of my property that have been so wonderful. All species of birds love them. But they are dying a very slow and painful death and it won't be long before they are gone. In the meantime, we've been rooting and planting babies all over the property. But that said, it won't be the same.

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