Wednesday, July 03, 2019


We took our fifth wheel out to camp last weekend.  
We belong to a camping network and have decided we want to try to use it more this year.  
We headed out to Omer, MI about 2.5 hours north of home. 
We always think it looks so big until we go camping and see 
we are actually more medium to small sized!

We travel with the cats in the cab of the truck.  
They are the happiest when they are with us.  
Finn is usually either on Chris's lap or his shoulders.  
While Cole likes the console or the floor at my feet.  
This has been true since they were kittens and traveling with us.

We headed in to West Branch to explore the town.  Imagine my delight to find a quilt shop!

I fell in love with this stack of fabrics by Northcott called Soho.

This was the inside of the shop.  They had a pretty nice selection of fabrics too.

While I was in the shop Chris was exploring the town.  Of course he found the ice cream shop!

There was a cute fountain on the main street so of course a selfie was in order.

We stopped in a wine/cigar shop, where I found this amazing cigar box. 
"Betty" reminded me of one of Tula Pink De La Luna girls.

Pretty similar don't you think??  There were 2 other women designs of this line of cigars too.

We went into the antique shop and I spied this Armadillo bowl(?) 
 I'm sure someone found it dead and decided "hey, let's make a bowl/scoop out of this".  
LOL  Certainly a unique conversation piece, isn't it?

Back to the camper and Cole was begging to go outside and explore. 
I have to say we are both smitten with his Olivia Cat Jacket harness.  
I ask him if he wants to go outside (if he is not already asking) and then I pat the couch.  
He jumps up, purring the entire time I put his harness on.  
I set him on the floor and we walk to the door.  
I then hook him on the lead and voila, he has time to be an outdoor panther.  

He is so handsome!

Finn, on the other hand prefers to lounge about in the camper.  Not quite the explorer his brother is!

When it comes to mom time though they BOTH like to "help" me when I am cutting.  
It appears there is a space for everyone when I have some cutting to do.

 Right after I was done cutting, we headed to the pool as it was quite a hot day.  
This campsite backed to the woods, so we had lots of shade. 
Even in 80 degree weather we didn't run the AC.  
Opening all the windows and using the fans/vents worked GREAT!

Heading home found the boys in their favorite spots.  

It seems there will not be any camping in the month of July, bummer, but maybe August.
We will be doing more in September (in NC) and in October though.



Sharlyn said...

Enjoyed your post😁. Love that your kitties enjoy traveling with you, not sure if our two would like that or not, haha.

Heather said...

I am behind on reading the blog (obviously!) so glad you got to visit Aunt Effys (love love love them!) and West Branch! That is where we live.

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