Thursday, July 11, 2019

Today Is My Birthday!

Today I celebrate a milestone birthday.  
I turn 60 today. 
 I have a lot of mixed emotions going into my 60's. 
 More than half of my life is lived. 
 I feel blessed to be fairly healthy, to be continuing my weight loss journey and 
to have my healthy husband by my side.  
We are looking forward to my retirement next year.  
I am excited for the traveling we will be doing in the RV. 
 It is scary to think about potentially selling our first and only home to go on the road though.  

My family kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and there really was nothing.  
I would love to go visit Ireland but not this year. 
(wedding and all upcoming).  
So I was struggling.  
Then, Bernina came out with a special Tula Pink edition 770 sewing machine.  
I was so smitten.  

Until I saw the price tag. 
 Nevertheless, I said "THAT" and sent the link.  
Chuckling the entire time.

On Sunday my husband and 2 of my 3 kids went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. 
 At the end of dinner he asked me to close my eyes.  
And made me wait and wait, haha. 
 He put this pink pouch in my hand

I opened it up and this card was inside.

He went here and ordered one for me!!!

Ok, so funny story about how I was not totally surprised inserted here.  
I asked and did NOT, in a million years, think this would happen 
(Did I mention they are EXPENSIVE?).  

After I said I wanted the machine he went to the quilt shop and 
texted me that he had found a used 880 for $1300. 
 I was disappointed but actually said that I didn't need a bigger machine and if I was going to upgrade it would only be for the TP machine.  
It was kind of a bratty thing to say though as he was offering me a great price on that machine.  
So after careful consideration I told him I wanted to go to the quilt shop and check it out.  Meanwhile...

I pay the bills at my house, so the week before the first of the month I usually check the credit cards etc to see where we are at and make sure they are ok, no one has charged on them.  
Then on a day or 2 before the 1st, I go back in and pay everything that isn't on autopay. 
 His credit card was one of those I checked and say what???  
His bill had an additional $500 on it that I was not expecting. 
 I saw that it was to the quilt shop.  
So of course I put 2 and 2 together and assumed he bought the 880 for me and 
just gave them a deposit until he could take me there.

Come Tuesday we went to the quilt shop and come to find out 
that price was for the TABLE not the machine. 
 Ohhhhhhh that makes so much more sense, but then what did he spend that money on??  
A gift certificate??  
I started asking about the 880 and the 770 just to gather information.  
Then I asked about the TP machine like, what did it come with and how is it different etc.  
One of the owners kept telling me how much I would like a 770, 
(which I thought was odd, but I am friendly with him and his wife so just thought he was being helpful, since he services my 170).  
Then I asked when they had to be ordered by.  
Oh, last week, more disappointment.  
How much is the deposit and did you order extra.  
Yes they ordered extra and they would have to wait until all pre-orders were filled.  
The deposit was, you guessed it, $500!  
THEN and only then did the lightbulb go on.  
HAHA, it still could have been something else but I didn't think so.  
I dared to hope.

So when he handed me the pouch and I opened it I was not completely surprised.  
I was, however, elated and a little breathless to think that he loves me enough to do that for me. 
He went there and had to tell them all about a machine he had no idea what he was actually talking about and then get them to order it for him.  
He is just the BEST and I am so lucky to have such an amazing partner to go through my life with.

I am feeling extremely blessed, to have a wonderful family, my health and another year (I hope) 
on this Earth.  
(and soon a beautiful new powerhouse on which to create!!)

I realize this is long and wordy, but I wanted a record of this entire day!

Life is GOOD!



Bettina Groh said...

Glad to be the first (?) to wish you a happy birthday!! I agree that you have a super special husband! Can't wait for you to tell us how much you love your present!

Audi said...

Happy Birthday, Life is good, have a wonderful day.

Material Girl said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new machine! said...

Happy Birthday enjoy your new machine! Wives deserve to be spoiled.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Happy birthday! I hope you really enjoy your new TP machine!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday. What a wonderful present! I am sure you will enjoy using it. I have a 550 which I love. Nancy A:

Lesley Gilbert said...

What a lovely story with a very happy ending. Now you need to sew hubby a special present :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Angelia said...

Happy birthday Mamma!!! I can't wait to hear how awesome that machine is!

Susan said...

Happy 60th Birthday.

BarefootThunder said...

how awesome. happy 🎂 birthday.

Mary-Kay said...

What a great gift! I have a 770 and just love it.

Betty C said...

Happy Birthday and many more!!

Shirley said...

I'm late getting to your blog though I think I wished you happy birthday on Instagram. What a wonderful birthday and a special gift. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Hope the year ahead brings you much joy and happiness!

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