Friday, September 27, 2019

The Long Ride Home

Once the wedding was over we had a meet up at a local brewery (Hi-Wire) 
for any friends and family that wanted to meet up 
(and also to watch the MSU game). 
 We brought some snacks with us and the left over sheet cake for everyone to enjoy.

The Massman's and their twins showed up.  
We *finally* got to meet these adorable girls!  
Their mom, was the Matron of Honor in the wedding.

My great niece surprised us by attending the wedding and 
we got to spend some time with her the next day too.  
She is so cute (even wearing those HORRIBLE colors, LOL).

Then it was time to say goodbye to our home for the week and Durham.
Goodbye 710 North street!

On the road we always look for Pilot Mountain.

We needed food and fuel so stopped in Mount Airy.
Maybe you will recognize this city?  
It's the place where Mayberry RFD was filmed!

As we rolled up we saw this vintage police car giving town tours.

There were several shops that were still there from when the show was filmed there too.

After walking around the town we headed out (for real) and got down to driving home.

We passed this water tower that looked like a pumpkin (I have no idea where it was though)

We stopped at a rest stop in Virginia and I picked up a few pieces of Halloween Fiestaware.
I was restrained and only got these 3 although there were several other designs I don't have.
Of COURSE I needed the black cats.  Cole will love it too!!

Next week I will show you the gifting of the wedding quilt.
Also some other things I had been working on.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.
I am starting another BIG quilt project this weekend that I need to hurry up and complete.
It is NOT my usual color palette but I hope the intended recipient will like it.

I am going to use the purple fairy dust print by Tula Pink for the background.
It is VERY bright!


3 comments: said...

I have the Tula Pink Fairy Dust in the other colorway....kind of off white? Mount Airy looks like fun.

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Anxious to see the wedding quilt. Love that Fairy Dust!

Angei said...

My Airy was the inspiration city for Mayberry, mainly because it was where Andy Griffin was from. A North Carolina native son. The program was actually filmed in California according to Wikipedia.
Love your quilts

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