Monday, September 30, 2019

The Wedding Quilt

I finally get to share the wedding quilt with all of you!!  
I asked the bride and groom to please give me some ideas for quilts they liked 
and that I told them I would choose from those.  
I chose the pattern Minimal Triangles.  
It was not really difficult but I was making a HUGE quilt so there were a LOT of triangles.  
The size I wanted to make was not a listed size so I was not really sure how many I needed.  
At my retreat in July, everyone kept asking me.  
Finally my sweet SIL figured it out 
(although that number ended up not being right either).  
I ended up using 600 triangle units!  
The chosen colors were gray and white. 
 I put a few pops of aqua in to break it up.  
It was a little boring to make so many of the same thing in the same colors.  
The pattern is a good one but 
she doesn't really tell you how to line up the rows so that the ends work out right.  
You add a white one on each end and then cut them once the entire top is put together.  
I ended up taking 2 rows apart and re-sewing them but that was not too bad.  
So without further ado, here are some photos!

It turned out to be 100" X 112"

My friend, Liz, did the quilting.  I had Celtic knots done and I love how the quilting came out!

I hand embroidered this label on the back.
(I used some sparkly thread too)

I was tickled to find this border fabric.
It is light gray triangles with a few teal ones on the charcoal background.

They opened it after the rehearsal party was done.

BOTH of them wanted it on their bed so the next day I put it on the bed.
It looks great with the pillow covers I made for the shower.

It seems to be Mitch approved too.



Judy in Michigan said...

Beautiful!! and perfect for the "modern day" couple. You are a good mama!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It is truly a labor of LOVE, Pam; well done! You're right-- it's BIG!! I love this and the fact that you embroidered the label on the back-- perfectly placed over a large dot. ;) Best wishes to the happy newlyweds! said...

Great quilt. Love the quilting.

scrappy; said...

Wonderful. It all came together perfectly. Congrats to all.

Ioleen said...

You did an amazing job. It’s gorgeous and the border fabric is perfect. It’s a treasure they will have for years.

Angei said...

Love it! Looked great on their bed.

Betty C said...

I love that quilt!

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Pam it is beautiful. I love the grays and white, love the bit of teal. Love the quilting, everything about it is me. Going to buy the pattern and put it on my to do list for me. Thanks for sharing with us.

KaHolly said...

Oh, my goodness, Pam! You must have sewn forever and a day! Big rewards in the end, though! The look very pleased. What a handsome couple!

beaquilter said...

Such a great quilt!

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