Thursday, January 09, 2020

Some New Year Finishes

I always pick up flannel and Minky (and sometimes lux fleece) remnants when I go to JAF. 
 I have amassed quite a few of all of these.  
I use the flannel for burp cloths and we not sure about the Minky.  
Until I figured out how to make self binding blankets! 
 Shanon fabrics has a free pattern and there are LOADS of video tutorials on You Tube. 
 I will show you how I did mine tomorrow though, just in case you are interested. 
 I did it quickly and late at night last night so...take it for what it is, LOL.

Anyway, I have made a bunch of blankets and used up a lot of the stashed fabrics! 
Here we go!

The 2 fox blankets were made using Lux Fleece for the center and 
flannel for the outside and borders.  
All remnants!

These next two were purchased fabric.  The whales and plaid are flannel with Minky inside.

This one is my favorite!  The outside is flannel and the inside is a fleece (I think).  
I have enough of the inside to make a second one but no more of that flannel, 
so I need to go get more of that.

I cut the plaid wrong and ended up with smaller pieces so when life gives you pieces, 
make a new plan!  
The Shannon fabrics website had a pattern for "Lovies".  
The back was 20" and the center I cut to ~14". 
 I was able to get 4 out of my mis-cut and a remnant I already had.

I had some larger pieces of flannel so crib sheets were made too.

I have put these 2 in my ETSY shop (clicking on the link will take you there) 

I am holding on to these as I have a plan (it's a secret plan at the moment though)

I had some regular cotton so made this crib sheet with that.  Daisy Kingdom fabric, so precious! 
This one is in my ETSY shop too.

Last night I made some burp cloths to go with the fox blankets. 
 Isn't that plaid on the back adorable?
I had the deer fabric left over for another set of sheets I made so use it up in these burp cloths. 
 I am not listing these (yeah, yeah, secret plan) but there are several others in my ETSY shop if you are in need for yourself or for a gift.  
These flannel burp cloths are so great for cleaning up everything with a baby!

I have made something every day now for the last 8 days!
CLEARLY, I can't keep that up!  
I did just get a quilt back that now needs to have binding so will work on that.
I made another chenille blanket that I have to photograph.
That (and some of the blankets) will end up in my ETSY shop too.
I need to get measurements first.

I am seriously hoping that I can continue to be so productive this year.
The 2 BIG "have to" quilts are a graduation quilt (top is finished, just needs to go to the quilter)
and a wedding quilt, which I finally have a plan for.

Are you a list maker?  
What things are on your "to do" quilt list for this year?



Lynda said...

I have made several self binding blankets - always using squares. I have a current project that I would like to finish off with a self binding but it is a rectangle - do you think that it is possible to do a rectangle?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You amaze me! Awesome!!

Judy in Michigan said...

Just a quick note. The fitted crib sheets and burp cloths were received with great applause from the ladies at the shower. It was in SC so I was unable to attend. More later!!! Thank you again!

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