Friday, August 21, 2020

Let's go Do Something

 Yesterday hubby wanted to go out somewhere and do "something".  

I suggested we go for a bike ride since it was already afternoon.  We went out for a 5 mile ride.  Then I worked in the garden.

I suggested we go to a little town about an hour away for today.  So this am we packed up some drinks and our hats, masks and hand sanitizer and headed for Mason.  We really enjoy going there and it is not too far away.  There are 2 quilt shops there.  One is inside Kean's General Store and it's one of my favorites.  They always seem to have fabrics I can only find online.  They did not disappoint today either.  I was able to score some Little Red by Meags and Me, some Beauty and the Beast by Jill Howath and some Scardy Cat by Jedi Craftgirl.  I also got the cutest Dear Stella Christmas fabric!

Just in case anyone is interested I took a photo of the Tula they had for sale at Kean's.
I'm sure you can call them and order if you see something you think you may need.

Keans was having a drawing and I got 30% off my next purchase.
Well, I saw this cute platter that I wanted for the camper, so we went and had lunch first.
Then we went back and I picked this beauty up!

Lunch was at the local food truck outside the Bad Beer Brewery.
I got a great pic of hubby eating his pork sandwich!

While walking around the downtown we saw some great painted rocks.
Which one is your favorite?
I, of course love the cat!  
I thought of my friend Paula when I took this photo.

It's funny, but when I first saw the rocks I thought, there should be a peacock one...and there was!

This was my favorite and also the largest.  Boulder sized!

I always enjoy seeing their court building.
It reminds me of one of the last outings we took my dad on and I took his photo here just like this.

Well, this got a bit long, so I will continue the rest of the trip tomorrow.
We went to Pinckney and stopped at Jennifer's Quilt shop.
I'm thinking you may want to see what I found there too!



Lesley Gilbert said...

Love the Christmas fabrics, especially the cats one - also those painted stones are fabulous :)

Patti said...

Oh it just sounds like a great day. Love your choice of fabrics, I am jealous!!

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