Friday, December 10, 2021

Felt Christmas Trees

 My sweet SIL, Mary, and I spent a couple of weekends making some felt Christmas trees for our grandkids and some for a few of their friends.  
She had made one previously and we copied the tree she had made before.  
We had SO much fun making these! 
 We put on sappy Christmas movies and got creating! 
 We laughed and talked and just had a wonderful time. 
 Such a special memory for me.
  I hope each and every one of the kids we gifted these to can feel all the joy and love that went into their creation.
We began upstairs on her kitchen counter.

One of my favorites was this snowman.  

Once we got going we moved to the table in the basement. 
 You can see the TV at the top of the photo. 
We made the trees 2 layers and I sewed them together.
We put a loop of ribbon at the top so the tree could be hung on a wall using a Command hook. 

 Here you can see the trees as we were finishing them.  
We had a fifth one but ran out of velcro.
I ordered more (green) and will give that to Mary when it arrives.

Close ups of the trees

I had to mail mine to my people, so I folded the trees up and put them with their ornaments into a Ziploc bag for mailing.  
You can see we put their names on the round ornaments. 
 Mary used her Cricuit to do the lettering.
  I also found the round with the clear center ornaments
 for their parents to put a photo of their child into. 
 We put the year on those.  I sent one to the twins and Lynn, Avery (of course) 
and a little friend of Avery's, Reese.

I don't have a photo of Avery with his tree but he is enjoying it, according to him mom. 
 I have heard from the twin's mom and they are loving it too. 

I think I might add an angel and a few more things for next year.
Wouldn't it be fun to send new ornaments each year?

LOVE making for friends and family!



Bettina Groh said...

The twins are cuter than the trees... LOL... I'm kidding! Everything is great!! You could turn the ornaments into the twenty-five days before Christmas!

CA Bobbie said...

So Adorable! Great gifts.
Santee Bobbie

Michele said...

Those are adorable!

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