Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Little Time To Make

 As you know things have been hectic around here.  
We are getting ready to go camping for a few days so that just adds to the mix. 
 We are meeting up with our friend Kallie in Berlin, Ohio!!  
I met her when we were at the campground in NC. 
 She was camping there with her dog, Ebby. 
 I saw her sewing outside so I walked up and asked her if she was a quilter.
  She said YES!
 Then we ended up sewing together and hanging out. 
 She is working in Ohio and camping where we love to camp so 
we decided to go back when she was there.  
We are going to sew a bag together, the Midi bag by Quilt Smart.

I had picked up a remnant of this adorable quilted fabric awhile ago and
 found time to make it into 2 burp cloths.  
Then I made a few teethers. 
 I love getting some small projects finished when I get a minute. 
 Don't you?

I have begun to collect as many different MSU fabrics as I could find.
  Starting with these. 
 If anyone has a F8 or FQ they want to share.
 I would love it if you have a different one from the ones I have here.

Then, because I didn't think about the bag first,
 I cut out another Nightingale quilt for a special baby due in the fall. 
 No not my daughter, not yet anyway, LOL. 
 I used the fabric from Riley Blake called Dorothy's Journey.  
It is wizzard of Oz fabric.  
SO cute!! 

 I used the cutest daisy fabric in periwinkle for the background. 
 I think it is going to be amazing. 
 I bought the panel to put in the back. 

 Stay tuned for pictures once I begin to work on it.


Jeanne said...

have a great time camping going to want to see your Mondo bag when you are done!!

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