Thursday, June 10, 2021

Quilty Stars and Shop Sample

 I have been a busy person lately! 
 I wanted to make a throw for my sin-in-law's brother who is getting married in October. 
 OF COURSE their colors are gray and white.  
You would think those were the ONLY colors available to young folks!  
My love of working with color is being thawarted, haha.
I found the perfect pattern. 
 It is by Quilty Love and called Quilty Stars. 
 I am proud to say that I used ALL STASH fabric, and the gray was all scrap fabric!! 
 I can't sew fast enough to use up what I have though so destash is in order, but first I have to get rid of the stuff hubby brought into the house from the garage.
  Never a dull moment around here, I tell ya!

OK, so you probably want some photos of the quilt right?

I want you to notice the little stars in the cornerstones.
The pattern didn't call for those I just added them myself.  
I just got the backing in the mail so this one is heading out to the quilter soon.

My friend, Traci, that owns the show Something Quilty in WI 
send me this baby top to make as a shop sample.
This was what it looked like up on my design wall before I sewed it together.
The pattern is the Yellow Brick Road.
That is a nice, easy pattern to make and these took me about 2 hours to sew once I had them all cut.

Here it is all sewn together with the borders added.
If you want to make one she had FQB of the fabric and the pattern in her shop!
You may have to call the shop though as I am not sure she has them listed.
Just tell her Mama Spark's baby quilt and she will know what you mean.

It really did turn out pretty.
I didn't worry about the direction of the prints either, just let them fall where they were.
I did not follow the layout in the pattern either, as I wanted the fabrics more balanced.
It's easier to do with more blocks but with only 20 though.

I just joined another QAL, like I have a brain in my head.
I needed to make one more to complete giving one to each of my husband's family members.
So I am using it for that!
It's like a million degrees here in MI.
Gotta run, going to a movie with my daughter and hubby.



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm quilting a MONSTER of a quilt right now for a friend, it's a wedding gift for her niece~ in a multitude of GRAYS! Yep. I did a similar one for her sister a year ago, also ALL GRAYS. Oh, well. Yours is pretty. No matter how many times I see a YBR quilt they always look great; this one is no exception.

Patti said...

I love that Yellow Brick Road pattern, and have used it many times, it is so interesting how color and patterns of fabric can give it a total different look.

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