Saturday, June 05, 2021

WIP Progress

 I have a LONG list of WIPs to work on. 
 Don't we all? 
 I am trying to balance sewing with going through stuff and listing it for sale. 
 It's exhausting.  
I have yard work to do too.
  I have begun button training with Cole to see if I can get him to communicate via pressing buttons.  Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed!

I went to my SIL, Mary's house on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  \
We did some shop hopping and some sewing. 
 I took the Spartan pillow covers I needed to work on hoping to get the piecing done on them. 
 I made one of these white ones for my son and he asked me to make one for one of his friends.
  I did manage to get that done.  

On Tuesday it was such a beautiful day we set up to sew outside.  
I got my machine set up first but she brought out stuff to sew too.

We went to the quilt shop at Marshall House then drove to Country Stitches in East Lansing.
I finally remembered to get a picture of us there.

My son asked me to make him a reverse color Spartan pillow cover and I did manage to get it pieced.
I took the photo at night but the background is actually a dark green not black. 
 Now I need to quilt these and make the pillow covers.  
I may try to work on that today. 
 It's what I *want* to do but not what I ^should* be doing.  

I had the chance to go over to my niece's house and hang out with her and her 4 girls (all under 5).  They are the cutest!  
We brought my husband's aunt (so their great great aunt)
 to visit as she had not met the most recent addition.
  I snapped a few pics of her with Lincoln.  
Just look at all of Lincoln's hair!

OK, I have to get moving and do something.  Hope you all have a great weekend!



kestrel said...

Dropping in from Malaysia. I really like the cats on the top of your post. Sewed so neatly and the different colours are lovely. Also the reverse colour spartan is striking. I like sewing but I don't think I have your patience.

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