Friday, June 25, 2021

Camping In Berlin Ohio

 We loaded up our fiver and drove to Berlin on Sunday and came back on Thursday.  
We got to meet up with our friend Kailie (that we met at the campground in NC). 
 She is working near the campground and she and her dog are there for a few months. 
 It was SO much fun!  
Before I forget I wanted to share  what the boys got their dad for Father's Day.

This is how they ride in the cab of the truck when we go anywhere in the truck/fiver.

Cole was overseeing the snacks.

We didn't want to pack up food for dinner on Sunday so Kailie took us out for dinner.

We went to Charm and shopped at Miller's Dry Goods.-  
OH MY Goodness! 
 I went a little bit crazy.
I did get the extra wide back Minky I was going to order online. 
 I also got more of the background I needed for a quilt I am working on.
 I LOVE Funky Friends stuffed animal patterns and found one already made up in guess what animal?  A FOX!!!

One of the shops we went to had this amazing quilt hanging up.
Now I am thinking I need to buy this book so I can make this quilt.

We went to a quilt shop in Sugar Creek, the Swiss town near Berlin. 
 They have the world's largest cuckoo clock!

Chris managed to find this soda. 
 Can't wait to give this to Avery when we see him again.

Kailie pointed out the buggy parking in the Walmart parking lot!

I ate some fry pies, my favorite, while we were there.  
We went to a great garden center as we love their fairy garden stuff there.

The views were so perfect. 
 We had amazing weather.

The last night we were there we went out to dinner at the Farmstead.
Love this giant rooster in the parking lot!

There is more to show but this post is getting too long right now.



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