Saturday, March 19, 2022

Surgery Day

 Yesterday was my lumpectomy.  
We arrived at the clinic and were assigned a number. 
 Lucky 13! 
 I say that in all sincerity. 
 It is a very lucky number for me. 
 This was just before they called me back.

This was as they were taking me back to surgery.

The procedure took a little over an hour and a half. 
 It was outpatient. 
 I got home and didn't have too much pain.
  They gave me some pain meds but when I went to bed I just took Tylenol and Motrin.
That seems to be controlling the pain so far. 
 I feel more sore but not really much pain.
Hopefully that makes sense.

They sent me home in a tube top thing like we used to wear in the 70's, LOL.
It opens in the front with velcro.
I can't take it off until tomorrow afternoon.
I am anxious to see what the incisions look like.
The doctor told Chris the margins were clear.
They took 1 or 2 Lymph nodes, I am not sure.
Those get sent for pathology and I should have results in about a week.
Hoping those are negative.
I think then they send the tumor for the oncotype.
If that comes back with a good score then I might be able to skip chemo.

I just wanted to update you all and let you know I am doing ok.
So we are just lounging around here today.



Bettina Groh said...

Thank you for the update!! Things sound promising... still sending prayers and keeping my fingers crossed!!

Judy in Michigan said...

So happy for you. Your guardian angel does a good job!! Hugs.

Sharlyn said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers❤️.

Ioleen said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. Praying for the best for you.

beth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best news I've heard this week. God bless.

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Great news Pam! Today is just a day to relax and rest up!!! Good vibes still headed your way!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So glad things are looking good. 😀. Prayers.

Charlotte M. said...

Happy to hear you are doing well. Hoping you get good news on the nodes and hopefully NO chemo! Rest well.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I am glad you are doing well. Take care and I hope there is good news in the test. Your cat has a good idea of lounging.

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