Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Health Update

 Hey friends!  
I am still here and doing so very well.  
All your thoughts and prayers have been working. 
I got the pathology back and the margins of the tumor excision were all clear!  
They took 3 lymph nodes and all three were negative for cancer too!!! 
 Next step is they send the tumor for an oncotype score. 
 They will look at 21 genes in the cancer and give it a score based on what they find. 
 This score is predictive of reccurance and will determine if I will benefit from having chemo. 
 If my score is low then I am guessing I will not have to have any chemo, only radiation. 
 I have a video appointment with the oncologist on April 14v to discuss my treatment plan. 
 That's the update for today.

My neighbors send me the most beautiful yellow roses!
  FIFTY of them!!
 I had to split into 2 vases!

Also, my SIL sent some food for us and one morning this was my breakfast. 
 Sugar cookies and Diet Coke!

Next I will share the projects I have been working on, so stay tuned.



Lynda said...

Such good news - sounds like you will be able to breeze right through this bump in your life. I had my first Chemo yesterday - so far so good but they keep saying "wait for it" so who knows.

Mary-Kay said...

Well that's good news! I was praying for you. I'm glad you are recovering from your surgery and please save some sugar cookie and diet coke for me!

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