Saturday, September 10, 2022

Last weekend we spent the day at Gull Lake.
My SIL and BIL and their kids bought a home on the lake.
I managed to snap this pic of the three brothers.
My hubby is in the center and is the eldest of 7.
The one on the left is the youngest.
The new home is gorgeous and we had a lot of fun seeing family.

My Reject Retreaters and I have a "thing" about pineapples.
So one of them found Crocs with pineapples on them.
They had a sale over Labor Day so I bought a pair.
These are my very first pair of Crocs EVER.
I always made fun of them but man are they comfortable!

Another inside joke.  My friend Kailie, bought me these PJs.
They say  "Perk Me Up", which is hilarious since the breast surgery she thought this was funny too.

I wanted to make a few gifts so I brought out my embroidery machine and 
embroidered a few dish towels with a Spartan helmet.

I wanted to practice on some for myself first.

I think they came out GREAT!

I made a few things that I can't show since they are for Christmas gifts.

I'm so excited to be able to show you the other things I'm working on.
There are so many and they are all gifts!

Getting ready to head to NC in the near future.
I have been busily gathering projects to have ready to work on.
I've been cutting like crazy.

What are you working on?




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