Friday, September 09, 2022

Camping Adventures

 We went camping last week and had a great time.
I visited one of my favorite quilt shops while I was there.
It is called Bittersweet Quilt shop in Pinconing, MI
I saw this sign and thought it was SO appropriate.
Something we quilters should remember
"Beautiful things are never perfect".

Some of our friends were in Oscota which is pretty close to where we were.
We met them for lunch in Tawas and fond a new friend, LOL.

I could have stayed at his exact spot for a LOT longer.

On the way home our truck was shaking a bit so we stopped at a rest area to check the tires.
There was a bulge in the rear tire.
The lock to get the spare out was corroded and it probably took Chris about 45 minutes to get it open.

I got the boys out and put them in their pet tent.
It was SO hot in the truck,but very noisy at the rest area.
The boys were not happy.

They would have been more unhappy in the truck though.
Never a dull moment around here!



Jenny said...

Oh dear, that's not much fun when you are travelling. I'm pleased you stopped and spotted the bulging tyre before it burst! I've never seen a pet tent like yours before, looks like it has a mesh bottom too? We travel and camp with our cat too, she is on a harness and lead, comes outside with us now and agsi, especially in the warmer weather, but usually stays inside the caravan

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