Friday, July 27, 2007

Jack, Jack the Pirate Cat


We love our cat Jack. He adopted us one day several years ago. I really didn't want another cat, but he had other ideas. Having three cats already I wasn't really wanting another. So I finally resigned myself tothe fact that we were going to keep him. So...what to name him. hmmmm...Well, he did not know how to purr, just growl, kind of like an aaarrrr, matey type thing. Hence Jack the pirate cat name. (Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please). We took him in and all the other cats hated him. He did not care. he loved us. So I took him and had him neutered. I got him home and managed to keep him inside for the prescribed amount of time. He wanted to go out really badly so I finally let him out. He didn't come back. We were very sad. My DD#1 brought home a rescue cat, Hallie, (I believe you have seen her lounging on the doll quilt?) so everyone (all the cats) decided to hate her instead. About a year and a half after Jack left we thought we saw him during a particularly cold night under our car. He was much bigger, an adult now but it was him. We managed to get him in the house and what do you know?...He had learned how to purr! He loved being with us but the other cats decided maybe Hallie wasn't so bad so they could include her and all unite and hate Jack.

A few days ago I was cleaning and noticed the squirrel on my bird feeder. As I went for my camera and came back, apparently Jack had noticed him too! I shot this through the glass but I thought it was cute. Jack never got the squirrel, he was just monitoring him!


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