Monday, July 16, 2007

My New Doll Quilt

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin! I got a small package in the mail today. I was hoping, hoping, hoping it was my doll quilt! I carefully opened the package and to my utter delight, there was a beautiful aqua tissue wrapped package all tied up in red ribbon. How did you know that aqua is my FAVORITE color? I thought of all the aqua quilts I have seen posted and held my breath...maybe it was the beautiful applique project with that adorable red bird. The anticipation was killing me but I wanted to savor it all and take lots of pictures. Suprise, it was!!!

I love the saying on the front (Let the beauty we love be what we do)and the binding in red. Why didn't I ever think to pair red with aqua, you are brilliant!! What a great quote. How true, our souls seem to be reflected in our quilts. I love it!!! Look at the cute little, perfect red bird! He is so sweet. How did she ever get the circles so perfect, mine are always slightly askew. Monica, I love it. Your hand quilting is fabulous. I don't hand quilt very well and it is so time consuming that I just don't do it. You did it for a perfect stranger. Thank-you. I now own something that was obviously quilted with love.

Then to top it all off, Monica *made* the tag with the adorable cat on it. I guess you figured out that I love cats, huh? I really, really love it. I know when my daughter, Shelby sees it she will want it!She is decorating a new apartment and it would look soooooo darling there. She will just have to wait for awhile while I enjoy it first.
I was so insecure about sending my work away and I was very lucky to have such a wonderful person receive it, Natalie. She suggested we take periodic photos of our little beauties throughout the year and post them so their birth moms can see them. I will try to be a good adoptive mom.
I took a close up of the actual label, but I need to take another one, obviously I drank too much diet Coke as the photo is a little blurry: ) I will try again and add it later.
Thank-you for taking the time, for a total stranger, to make such a wonderful, fabulous, breathtaking quilt! I truly love it!


Lisa K. said...

You're right: there's a lot of love included in the packages the swapper are sending around the world. That you appreciate and value the effort and craft Monica poured into the project? Well, that just warms this Swap Mama's heart.

Enjoy it!

Finn said...

Hi MamaSpark, I just had to link over and see where you and your fur babies call home..*VBS* Michigan is a great place, lived there for the first 7 years out of college, adopted our first 2 kidlets there in Saginaw..*VBS*

Great blog! I see Hallie and Aiden and Mosen(hope I have that right..they look to be real loves!!
I'd take them in a heartbeat! Such sweet babies doing what they love best, finding a place to leave a trace of themselves...LOL

Great little doll quilt you received..such nice work! And yours, the one you made looks just great that pattern and you did a good job on the quilting. I'll be back! Thanks for stopping by the Orphan Train. Hugs, Finn

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Pam, I am so pleased for you. Monica's creation is charming and the colors are so full of light summer cheer. She will be so happy to know her bird has flown to a happy home. And I am happy to see that you received such a pretty doll quilt...much deserved!

Katie said...

Just found your blog and what a happy BD time to do so. Nice to find another MI quilter/blogger. I'll be back.

Monica said...

Hi Pam, thanks so much for your kind words about the quilt! I'm so happy that the quilt is in your hands and that you like it so much. I've found out that you like aqua a few days ago reading a comment on the doll quilt flickr group, and that was a relief. I just did something I would have love to receive myself, I'm so glad it was well received!

Beertje Zonn said...

What a lovely Doll Quilt.

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

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