Thursday, July 12, 2007

Texas Quilt/Birthdays

My friend, Robin is brilliant! She has figured out a way to hang her quilts and photograph them, and use the photo for a quilting template for quilting them. So she helped me hang mine, and took many pictures of it. I am putting this one on the blog for you to see. It is MUCH better than the one I took on my front grass, lol! She loaded the pics into her computer, washed the photo out and printed out several copies for us to "play" with the quilting design on. Isn't that a fabulous idea?? Our quilter loves it as she can just pin it up by her machine and go to town on them. I will get pictures of the yellow bow quilt all quilted up soon, promise.

As an aside to the Texas quilt, I went to quilting at the church last night. I busted my hump getting the second bow quilt all sewn together before I left. I was running late and heated up some left over pizza for my "birthday dinner". As I ran out the door, feeling just the tiniest bit sorry for myself, I was going to stop and buy some wine for the meeting, being that it was my bday and all, but was soooo late, I decided to just skip it and go to the meeting. Well, I should have known better than to feel sorry for myself. I am very fortunate, God has a wonderful way of showing me, almost immediately, my faults! I walked into the meeting and it was packed. There were so many ladies at the meeting that had not been there in over a year. My dear friend (DF) Charlotte, had called everyone in the group and told them it was my birthday. Almost everyone in the group made an effort to come to the party they had for me. I could not have felt more loved and appreciated. I was speechless, and for anyone that knows me, this is quite an accomplishment!! They brought cakes, brownies and Indian fritters , and soda. They all stopped what they were doing and sang Happy Birthday to me. They even got me some gifts. I received a wall tapastry that says "When life gives you scraps, make quilts" (which is now hanging on my front door), a bottle of wine and a wine holder (locally made, in Ohio, who knew they even made wine in Ohio, thank you Kim!!) and the cutest, round "box" that had a top that looked like the old fashioned tomato pin cushion with a strawberry needle holder hanging from it. I opened the top of the box, expecting some sewing things and to my suprise, it was filled with money! I opened it and closed it quickly. I couldn't believe they had gone to all this trouble for me. I told them that I am proud to be their quilting guide, even if it is a little like herding cats sometimes! : ) I have been blessed by such wonderful friends. I had no idea that they felt like that about me. The funniest thing was when we were leaving and one of the ladies asked me if this was my 40th or was that upcoming? I burst out laughing and told her that I, in fact, was turning 48!! HAHAHA!! Life is Good!


dot said...

I like the idea of printing the pictures to figure out the quilting pattern. I never would have thought of that. Your quilt is nice but hard for a USC fan to to look it at to long. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a good time.

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