Thursday, July 19, 2007


YUMMY indeed! Here you see Autumn giving me her opinion on my newest bow quilt. I had all the blocks done and had to sew them into rows and then sew the rows together before my quilting with the church ladies last Wed. Remember the party?? I was running soooo late, of course I know why *now*. I just thought Autumn was so cute supervising me!

The next yummy picture is of "our" new Harley Davidson motorcycle. (Can you say mid-life crisis??) My DH is a pilot. Pilots love fast things and of course "all the other boys at the hanger have one..." So after many many trips to many, many Harley dealerships here is his baby. (He will never be able to complain again about how much time I spend at a quilt shop!) He and my DS, Thadd took the motorcycle safety class last weekend. Both of them said the road test was difficult, which is good, less kooks, potentially anyway. Only about half of the class passed. They passed, in-fact, according to DH, he was doing well enough to be at the front as the example. People couldn't believe that he had never ridden before. I used to ride all the time with my dad when I was little and then by myself as I got older. I love riding on a motorcycle. If you want to know a secret, I stayed with one of my boyfriends in college long after I didn't really like him because I loved riding on the motorcycle!! I know they are/can be, dangerous but they are so much fun. DH isn't ready to ride with a passenger yet. I am looking forward to that time though.

On another aside, apparently my birthday week was extended to include yesterday too. My friend Ellen, took me out for dinner. We went to Carabas and it was excellent. I had the Caeser salad with shrimp. The dressing was just wonderful! I have to set up her present to me. Last Christmas I was stumped as to what to get her for Christmas. In addition,her bday is the beginning of Dec. I bought her a carrying case for her WIP stuff. What to do, what to do for Christmas. I received a magazine in the mail that had the answer in it. It was a pattern for a beautiful Christmas quilt. Little wreaths all done using squares. So I cut out the quilt, packaged it up and gave her a copy of the magazine inside her tote bag! She loved it and told me we should do this for each other's birthdays and Christmas. (yeah,like I don't have enough UFO's laying around, laugh!!) To make a long story short, she found some fabulous fabric while she was in CA that she bought to cut into a quilt kit for me! It is so pretty, I love it!! It has an aqua and red theme. Sound familiar?? I think I must have to re-do my bedroom to aqua and red! That way I can use my quilt and hand my doll quilt in there too. See what you started Monica?? LOL. When I get a minute I will take a picture of the pattern and of the fabrics to post later.


dot said...

Enjoy the motorcycle. I certainly can understand staying with a boyfriend just to ride on his bike. I love motorcycles and am looking forward to the trip my hubby is planning for us next month.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My best friend in SC and her husband have a Harley, too. They love traveling together on it. The dol quilt is precious.

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