Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Ready

I can't say I'm sorry to see this week end!! Work had been very hectic and I have stayed late every day. I have had something going every night too. Last night we had registration for lacrosse. I am so happy it is finished!! I just have to drop off the paperwork to the secretary to put it all together for the team (one advantage of being the President is delegation!) I have a quick trip to the post office and then the dreaded doctors appointment. I have to have a fluid retention procedure done. Gosh darn those babies for making my bladder drop. Things have never been the same! No longer able to cough, sneeze or run without some kind of protection (if you know what I mean) so last time I went to the gyno he told me there was surgery that could fix my little issue. Woot, Woot!! So off the the urologist I went only to discover that I had to have this done first as, of course, I had performance anxiety when in her office the first time and could not for the life of me make it happen.

Now if you have a queasy stomach you may want to skip ahead...They cath you and fill your bladder that way and see how much fluid you can take before you "leak". Kind of like a faucet! I am really dreading this as I HATE to be cathed!! I know I'm a big baby and I hope it won't be as awful as I have it in my head. Enough of that!

Jeanne at luv to stitch paid me a nice compliment when she mentioned my blog as one that inspires her. She certainly does that for me too! Thanks Jeanne.

We are packing up the stuff DD1 left here and bringing it to her in Madison today after I get home. I am excited to go there again. I really love Madison and of course DD1! DH and I will have time alone in the car (good or bad, I guess we'll see) People that know us wonder how we ever ended up together as I talk ...ALOT and he doesn't talk at all. What can I say? It works for us. LOL

Now, here is the exciting part of the post. I may be joining DH in Tacoma WA for a few days next week. I have a voucher for free airfare anywhere in the continental US that American flies but I have to use it by March (it was good for 1 year from issue) I love the pacific NW and have been to that area twice when I was a little girl. I am hoping I will be able to pull this off. I have to see if I can get off work, get a replacement for a lax meeting I am supposed to be at and make sure DS has someone to watch over his little 17year old self. Keep your fingers crossed!!

One last next post is 100!! I never thought I would make it to that number so quickly. I am trying to think up something to do that will be special. Thinking, thinking, thinking...OUCH!


Felicia said...

Congratulations on your upcoming 100th :)

Kim said...

Ewwwww! I hope everything came out okay. Or maybe I don't?! LOL! But hey! You KNOW HOW TO LINK NOW! Congrats!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

100 posts, excellent linking, a post full of interest and variety... you are rolling! Sorry about the medical stuff... I will leave you with a dumb joke (I love dumb jokes.)

Receptionist taking calls:
"Urology. Can you hold?"

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