Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quilt Addiction

I was just over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure (I still don't know how to link a name* so when you click on it it takes you to that place, anyone? anyone?) She was posting about being a quilt addict and it got me to thinking. I really did used to have a life. Since I have been addicted it has sort of taken over my life. It's what I talk about to all my friends, most of whom also quilt, it's what I think about in spare moments of time, when I have such a think, it's what I day dream about and it is how I choose to spend much if not all of my free time. I suppose there are worse habits. I taught my boss' wife to quilt. We work together so we talk quilting A LOT. We got another co-worker started quilting, although she is not quite as addicted as the 2 of us. We have a Japanese medical fellow in the lab and I taught his wife to quilt...total addict! Then there is the fact that Liz the quiltin whiz, aka my LAQ works one building over and comes to see us almost daily and has at least daily (if not more than once a day) quilt related email. Which, as a total addict, I love. We affectionately call it "morning (s)pam "... since my name is Pam. Yes, it's true, we crack ourselves up!

So my friend Ellen called me tonight and told me she and her DH were going out to dinner at a local place Bar Louie, for $1 hamburgers and $2 beer and I just spur of the moment invited myself and my DH to join them (both DH's are friends too). Now I must say here that Ellen is a quilt addict too. In fact it is really her fault that I became an addict. We met because our DD's swam together from the time they were 8 until they left for separate universities. Well Ellen used to bring her quilts to practice and sew binding on. One thing led to another and now I need the 12 step quilt program! At dinner tonight we were talking about, what else, quilting. I was telling her about Liz's parents and all the quilts they have done for the MBH and how much her dad has done with these quilts, when her DH piped up and said to my Dh, "Hey, if we ever get like that we need to be killed!" It was pretty funny. They are both good sports and support our addiction. When Ellen gave me my Christmas gifts tonight, some of them were fabric and both of the DH's just rolled their eyes.

I guess I can live with this sort of addiction. I do need to get out and exercise more this year and that is difficult because as soon as I get home and get the "have to's" done I want to quilt, not go back out and exercise. I'm working on it. I am toying with doing it in the am but I would have to get up at 5am and with the new addition of hourly hot flashing going on ALL night, my sleep is not great so we will see. I would appreciate any tips you all have for fitting exercising in. I just love to do my cutting when there is natural light coming in, which pushes the "have to's" back further and pretty soon I'm looking at 9pm and who wants to go and exercise at that time? Not me. I did take the dog out for a 30 minute walk tonight, it rained half way home, but darn it I got some exercise. Oh Gosh, when is that Bernina coming home??

Are you addicted??


Kim said...

No, 9 p.m. isn't time for exercise--it's time for ice cream, apple pie, gooey chocolate brownies. Well, it WOULD be if I wasn't watching what I was eating! Hey, do you ever DREAM quilt patterns? I do! That's scary! LOL!

As far as linking goes, when you're typing up your post, highlight with your cursor the words you want someone to click on. In a separate screen, go to the place you want to take them to and highlight/copy the address line. Then go back to your blog post (your words will still be highlighted) and click on the little icon that looks like a little ball or globe with what look like chain links or little arms on the sides. That gives you another little pop-up screen where you can paste in the address you just highlighted/copied from the other target website. Make sense? Try it out and see.

antique quilter said...

Of course!!!!!!
in mho its the best thing in the world to be addicted to!
Loved reading this post I could relate to it totally!

Laurie Ann said...

Yes, I am! Addicted, that is! :)

I am so lucky to have a good work out facility here at work. Now it is just natural to go over and work out on my lunch hour. If I had to do it in the morning or evening, I would have a very hard time!

Anonymous said...

I too am definately addicted...I understand completely! Keep on quilting!

atet said...

Of all the addictions in the world to have? Fabric seems like a pretty harmless one! I love that quilt you made for the new baby and the one your CL made?? WOW!!! Tell her that it is a knock out!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh yes... it becomes more and more obvious: I am addicted! Woman, put your records on! I play music when I can't exercise, which is often, and I deliberately play something that I know will make me move. Shimmy to the kitchen, shake-it to the cutting table, disco-stretch at the sewing machine... lol. It's gotta help a little, right?

Quilter Kathy said...

Absolutely addicted and loving every moment!

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