Friday, January 25, 2008

Seattle and some gifts

Well, here are the fabrics I bought in Seattle.  I kept it pretty sparse, but I am a sucker for good aqua's and teal type colors. I think the one on the right will be used in the dragon wall hanging i want to make from a drawing of DD!, Prismata.

Apparently each year there is some kind of shop hop and the local shops get fabric with things from the state of WA put on it.  I got a FQ of this years and last.  I thought it would be fun to use in a quilt someday.
Now, I have been looking for fabric with giant Koi on it for some time.  I wanted to make a "koi pond" quilt.  I saw one 2 years ago in Paducah and just know that DD1 would love it.  The biggest problem was finding the fabric.  I really like the one on the left for the pond idea.  Hey, if I ever get around to designing and making it I'll share it with you all!  (Don't hold your breath, lol)
My DH loves to fish and I have been collecting fish and lure fabric in order to make him a quilt.  I found this unique salmon fabric while in Poulsbo, WA, a fishing town, of course!  It is kind of large, but I thought it was really neat.
Then, because I am a cat freak *and* a Halloween freak, I bought these 2 fabrics.  The one on the left has that cute little Japanese luck cat (Manekineko) doing lots of adorable things.  I have some other Halloween fabrics that must be from this halloween line so I got it to go with the ones I have.  I have to say the shops in Seattle had beautiful Asian fabrics!  A much different selection than we have in Mi.
My friends Yuki and Hiro went back to Japan recently and both of them brought me some gifts!  I am so blessed to have such generous friends!  Yuki, if you remember, carved me a beautiful pinwheel block stamp out of stone.  I use it all the time on my quilts as kind of my mark.  Finding a stamp pad with fabric ink that doesn't wash out was difficult.  Yuki's mom had previously sent me some ink from Japan and this time when Yuki was home she bought me some additional colors.  Aren't they great??  I can't wait to try out the new colors!!  Thanks, Yuki!!

If this was not enough of a gift, Hiro chose this beautiful scarf.  If you enlarge it you will see bunnies all over it playing.  I love bunnies!  This was such a thoughtful present.  Thanks, Hiro!


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