Monday, January 21, 2008

Seattle part 2

The second day we headed out to one of DH's favorite haunts...Poulsbo.  It is a small Swedish fishing village.  (Not really *that* small, but cozy).  The first stop, of course, was the Heritage quilt shop.  I got the neatest fish fabric there!  It reminds me of salmon swimming in the river.  I will have to remember to take photos of all the things I bought so I can share with you all.  I went to 5 different shops in 2 and one half days so I may not remember which shop each thing came from, but the fish fabric I remember!  

Since DD2 wants to go into Marine biology and is currently majoring in fisheries and wildlife at MSU, I took this photo so when she is looking at internships she can see if they have any.  I can't imagine Poulsbo being a "hot bed" of excitement so maybe it is enough off the beaten path and may be a little easier to locate and internship.  It's worth a try, right? That's DH walking away from the sign.  The center was not open on wednesdays so we could just peek in the windows.  The science nerd in me was a little disappointed that I could not check it out.
Here is a view of the harbor in Poulsbo.  Beautiful!
Another, view, to the left of the first one.
When I went into the quilt shop here I had my new green shoes on.  The lady behind the counter was just so excited about them and asked me lots of questions about where I got them.  I gave her all the information and went on my way.  DH and I walked down the street and crossed to the other side to the local shoe store.  Guess what was in their window?? green shoes!  I went back to tell her and she took her break and bought herself a pair!  That's me, spreading the magic of the green shoes, one person at a time!!

We kept walking and went into the local chocolate shop where DH bought a ton of black licorice (YUCK!!) I bought a piece of sea foam.  I just love it but I was restrained in my purchase.  Then off to the Swedish bakery.  I smelled all the smells and bought one cookie!  YIKES, get me out of here before I weigh 500 pounds!!  More later.


atet said...

It sounds like your trip was an unqualified success. Now I wanna see pictures of the goodies you brought back!

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