Friday, January 25, 2008

TEXAS Completed!!

I finally have the Texas quilt finished!!  I designed this and made it for my son who is a HUGE University of Texas fan.  I have shown the top on this blog before but this is with it all finished and I had to show off "Liz the Quiltin' Whiz's" awesome quilting!!  I told her what I wanted and she executed it perfectly!  
I wanted these little circles around each longhorn to simulate leather.  They really, really do too!
Then I had her do stars and loops in the rail fence parts.  Texas is the lonestar state.
I had a small inner border and you can see it on the left, she make barbed wire in this border.
The cheer or chant at UT is "Hook Em' Horns" which she stitched in each outside corner
On the stars, she outlined each one.

Here is the only photo I could get of the finished quilt as it is pretty large and I have no place to lay it out.  I think you get the picture.  You can see the whole top here.
Here is what she quilted in the outer border.  Stars, swirls and repeats of the longhorn that I appliqued.

The only thing I didn't have a picture of is the label.  I gave it to him on his birthday, the day after Christmas.  He turned 17.  You know how boys are and he never wants to show me any affection, but he scooped me up and gave me a HUGE hug.  He just loves it!  Thank you Liz for helping me bring my dream to life.  You are so good to me!  Are you up for Santa's Village ala, my head??


atet said...

That Texas quilt ROCKS!!!! And as for the goodies from Seattle? Oh bestill my heart! Love that cat fabric -- such fun.

Saska said...

Love the Texas quilt! Hope I don't get into too much trouble from OSU people.
I've got to make an OSU quilt for a fund raiser and your quilt is very inspiring.
Yes, 17 yr old boys are amazing aren't they..I have one too.

julieQ said...

Please, go to my blog this coming week. I am showing my UT quilt I made for my son!! Can't show it until after graduation, though...

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