Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday!!

The latest installment of the house blocks are up! Go and check it out!!

I let Hallie out the front door this morning and looked at the garden in the front of my house and as she bolted out the door a gigantic raccoon ran out of my garden and into the neighbor's garden. He turned around and looked back at the 2 of us as if to say, "Geesh, you guys scared the heck out of me!" Then he turned and scampered away. What a way to begin the day!

Last night I went to JAF, did I remember to bring my gift card? I did not, so I will be going back today! I found the cutest fabric with these great retro birdies on it. I *need* to have some of it. I think I may be designing a little appliqued quilt around this adorable fabric. Now if you want to go and buy some yourself, please make sure you leave about 2 yards worth for me! It is soooo adorable! I will post a picture of it once it makes its way home with me.

I am going to visit Crazy Quilt Girl's shop today and buy a Swanky jelly roll today too. I figured I can use it for the border I want to do and then use the rest for the binding!! Pretty sweet to not have to cut those strips for making binding too right??

I am hoping to get some mulch purchased and spread around while DD1 is still home. DD2 comes back from her trip next Friday and DD1 leaves for CA on the 8th, while DS has graduation on the 7th! So next weekend will be crazy busy!! In addition, LTW, CQG and I are going to the shindig at Checkers on the 5th. Do you know Checkers? They are a distributor of fabric, patterns, rulers, thread, and various other notions to quilt shops. If you have a business you can buy from them and they will send it to you or you can go and pick it up. They are having an "After Quilt Market Review" to show all the new stuff they found! It should be fun to go and see what is new huh?

Well, have a great weekend!


Crispy said...

Ooooo cute houses, haven't started yet but I'm collecting :0).

Have fun fabric shopping!!


Allie said...

Cute cute cute! I have to start these soon. I just love them!
Can't wait to see your birdie fabric....
You'll have to let me know where Checkers is!

Mary-Kay said...

I went to JAF on Tues. and fabric dye was on sale 30% off so I bought one in every colour. One time I was delivering a parcel in downtown Windsor and a giant racoon walked across the road right in front of me. I couldn't believe my eyes.Who would have thought that racoons would be in such a populated area?

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