Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Designing is Difficult!

I had the opportunity to work all day on Sunday on the quilt I have designed and am now making for the McCall's Design Star Challenge. I am pretty happy with how it is coming along. It's amazing what the humble strings can turn into, LOL. If you are following along, you will remember my color palate is aqua and green with white. Two different star patterns. I love my humble strings! Here are the first few building blocks.
Challenge Quilt 1 First block 002
Notice how they form a darker square in the center...except that the one in the lower right corner is not playing nicely. The string I chose for the defining line reads more as a medium. So I scrapped that block and made another one. Then I got to put my star together. It is a dark aqua square in the center, inside a medium aqua square using light aqua points. Please let me know what you think of this one. I am in love with it!
Challenge Quilt 1 First block 004
In fact block 2 quickly followed! So now there are two!!
Challenge Quilt 1 First 2 blocks 004
You should know that each finished star is 24" x 24"! So they are BIG!!! Easy right? NOPE!
All those seams coming together with the addition of foundation made lining things up tricky. I think I managed but there was some un-sewing involved.
Then I sewed the green string blocks. I layed out 2 different versions of that star.
Challenge Quilt 1 Third block 004Challenge Quilt 1 Third block 003
In the end, I decided that the first one could be deemed to be the same as the aqua star, so I made the one with the pinwheel in it. I still have the 4th one to put together and then I can begin the borders. I am still playing around with that. I will keep you posted though.

It's 11:30pm, and I am beat, but can't go to bed just yet as I *finally* made salsa and still want to can it before I go to bed. I am washing the jars in the dishwasher and have everything in a state of boiling in anticipation of the jars. It is my first attempt at canning my salsa, so will let you know how it turns out!
I took tomorrow off work so I can go over to PTM's house and "play" with her, her sister and her niece. I am looking forward to it. I hope to bring some border stuff to work on, or maybe the HST blocks for the mermaid quilt. I will have to see if I can borrow DD1's camera since mine has decided to stay broken. OK, time to go and finish the canning!!


Jandi said...

They are looking fabulous! You are so talented!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I do like the centers dark rather than pinwheel like. This is fun watching your progress!!!

Annemiek said...

Love the colours and love stars so you can't go wrong here as far as I'm concerned!
Just looked at the McCalls page and noticed a very nice pic of you, looking great :)
So exciting you made it this far as a finalist. I'll take time to catch up reading all of it..

Crispy said...

WOW those are beautiful Pam!!!! Have fun at PTM's!!


Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous colors and fabulous stars!

Allie said...

Pam they're fabulous - but oh those seams, lol! I love this!!!!!!! I do like the pinwheel effect better.

Denise :) said...

Pam, these are awesome! I love the look! :)

Threeundertwo said...

So beautiful! The blocks really have a lot of dimension and depth to them.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

WOW just about covers it! Love, love, love the colors.

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