Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Interrupt Your Normal Week For a Quick Quilty Break!

Wow, I had a fantastic day today. I had stayed up late last night canning my salsa and so didn't get up at the usual 5 am to go to the gym. I did go but not until around 9:30! I did half an hour and came home because I had taken the day off to go over to PTM's house to meet her sister, her sister's friend and her 2 nieces. I had a blast in PTM's basement. First we had lunch. Fabulous. Then we headed to the basement. I got to use PTM's sewing machine, so I left my little portable in the bag.
Here is her sister Margaret (on the right) and her friend, Sharon on the left.
Sharon and Margaret
I got a pic of Kristen and Nicole but they didn't turn out very well, (not my camera). I also had Margaret take one of me and Pauline to share with you all too. Wow, I have no idea what was going on with my wild hair!!
Pauline and Me
I managed to get the white borders of the challenge quilt all cut out. I need to get some more muslin for the string piecing for the border but still, I got the rest cut. They all loved my blocks too. I had brought the mermaid with me to work on also. By the time I was done I had one wave row complete.
Working on MermaidMermaind with one wave
Then I had to rush home to grab a quick bite before quilting. I had put boneless ribs into the crock pot before I went to PTM's so had s bite with some left over summer squash and green beans, YUM. Then packed up and off to quilting. My newest BOM had arrived from the FQS so I took it with me and ended up getting that all made too. I have been able to make 2 from the last 2 blocks but was short just a bit of getting that to work with this block. I will have to cut into my stash to finish this one! Oh well.
Wreath 03
I finally got home and now need to do the dishes and put away the food and put my quilt stuff away and then off to bed. Back to the normal work day tomorrow, boo!!


Annemiek said...

I'll go to C as soon as she gets home from work to plan a quilty evening. I don't even remember how my machine works anymore haha!! Your post makes me want to sew again!

Crispy said...

Love the wave action on the mermaid piece :0) Fun to see a picture of you and PTM :0)


Allie said...

Wow Pam - perfect quilting day! I spent the day in Port Huron, stopped at the quilt shop and DID NOT BUY A THING. That huge place and I couldn't find anything I wanted, lol!

Threeundertwo said...

I think "boneless ribs" might be my favorite oxymoron.

LOVE the mermaid! What a cutie. I'm also interested that you're squeezing extra blocks out of the FQS BOM. I did last years and felt it was expensive, but if this one has generous fabrics, I might reconsider.

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