Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What a Weekend!

My weekend began on Friday during the day. DD1 and I were going to Grand Rapids. I was going to drop her off at my dad's house on Friday with her ducklings that were supposed to go to her friend and then I was going to Lasting Impressions B & B. There was an event for Margret's Hope Chest and none other than Amanda Jean (Crazy Mom Quilts) was going to be there on Friday to speak with us and then on Sat to show us a new pattern that we would be using to make tops for the charity.

This is what I saw when I drove up to the B&B.
B & B we stayed atKate and my room
and that was my room. I shared with a woman named Kate that came all the way from Chicago. We got along very well and had a wonderful time. So on Friday night we all went into a room with lots of tables and lights and thought we were going to do some sewing, and some did. Then Amanda Jean got there. We had not met but we have spoken through email. She walked up to me and asked if I was Mama Spark and introduced herself. I could have died on the spot! She is a very sweet person and very humble. I enjoyed talking with her though out the night and on Saturday too.

Carin, the woman that organized this and is the head of the charity had us playing some games. During one of the games we were on a team and one of the things we had to do was to pile quilts on top of one of our team mates. You had one "Minute to Win It," as Carin kept saying. So here you go an up close and personal pic of Amanda Jean.
What's that you say? You don't know which one is her? Well, she's the one they are piling the quilts on!! She really was a good sport.

She brought some quilts she had made using the pattern we would be using on Saturday. Love the pattern! I really liked the blue and green one (shocker I know)
Amanda Jean is a very unassuming person and it was kind of funny to see her just sitting there sewing down a binding like the rest of us. She just wanted to finish it! LOL.

Things wound down around 9ish I think and Amanda Jean went to her hotel to stay with her DH and her kids. Some of the women that were staying there went out on the porch, I sat in the sewing room and stitched on my mermaid. Around 11, I think, they were going to bed but told me that one of the young women was not back yet and the inn keeper had asked them to bolt the door. I decided to just stay up I think she knocked around midnight and I let her in. I went to bed around 1am.

In the morning we woke up to fresh pineapple, homemade cinnamon rolls and a wonderful quiche.
First courseHome made cinnamon rolls
We all packed up and headed to the church to sew for the day. I need to leave it here for now and will continue the story later.


Allie said...

Oh golly wouldn't you love to live in that house - looks like a wonderful place! Love the quilts and glad you had a good time!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

So jealous......looks like a wonderful time!! I've got to find things like that around Tx. p.s. I would have died too on the spot if I met Amanda Jean! Jenn

amandajean said...

it was so great to meet you, Pam! I'm glad that we got the chance to meet and sew together. (btw, thanks for not posting any dorky photos of me. :) ) I just wish the time wouldn't have gone by so fast! How did the birthday supper go for your dad?

Rebekah said...

Thanks for staying up to let me in on Friday night! It was nice to meet you and talk with you this weekend :)

Crispy said...

I like the blue and green one too. What fun you must have had!! Sure wish I could find a retreat at such a beautiful place.


Maggey and Jim said...

Sounds like a great time.. We all need that Me time..

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