Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Need Some Assistance

I just received and email from a friend that bought some of the fabric I was selling and she told me her package was missing a couple of pieces of fabric. I know that the fabric was mailed out because it is no longer here in the bin of sale fabric. Did someone else happen to receive some fabric that was not a part of the fabric you purchased? It would have been 3 extra pieces. A dark blue print, a brown flower print and a yellow cloud kind of print. In the photo it is the first fabric on the left, then the middle one and the yellow one next to the dark one. If you did, please email me so I can get the fabric to the person that wanted it. I appreciate your help with this.

Fabric for sale 012


Natalie said...

I know nothing about this, and still feel compelled to help!
The usual questions run through my head... where did you last have it? Retrace your steps... let's look again... lol. Can you tell we make many searches in our home?
I hope this gets sorted out soon.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Oh-oh. Sorry, I'm of no help on this one, but I do love a good mystery! Hoping this one is soon solved...

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