Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dicken's Festival

Hubby and I go to the Dicken's Festival in Holly, MI every year and this weekend was the time!

They have Dicken's characters strolling about and also some some re-enactments.  
They have loads of antique shops which we love.  
We didn't find a lot of things this time, but the weather was GREAT. 
 We had a really good time.

They came into the main street with a dump truck full of snow and
 we had no idea what they were doing.

  Then we saw this.

Isn't that a great idea?

They also had horse drawn carriage rides

I loved the look of this building, don't you?

The last thing was the food! 
 They were making ribs etc and it smelled soooooo good.

I saw someone that hd the pulled pork nachos. 
 I could not believe how amazing these were.
Even the chips were made fresh!

Then Hubby and I went into a hop and he found this candy bar.

I leave you with this. 
 He was a good sport about the photo!

I have been busy in the sewing room too, so more photos of that soon too.  
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dianne said...

oh my gosh!!! i REMEMBER Big Hunk candy bars - white nougat taffy stuff with little chunks of nuts, right?!? they used to make me swell up like a balloon (cuz of the nuts) but i LOVED them!!! your hub IS a good sport - and a big old hunka hunka, isn't he?!?

Judy said...

What a fun trip. Love the snow slide and Big Hunks. I ate them as a kid. I still love Abba Zabba, with the peanut butter, but do not eat them too often. Thank you for the memory. Now have fun in that room.

Linda B in MI said...

Wow! I was there too!!! i live west of Linden. and belong to Genesse Stars wuilt group.

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