Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Take the Good With The Bad

I don't have a ton to share at the moment but there are a few little goodies. 
 I dropped off a ton of quilts and knitted blankets at the local Veterans Hospital last week,
 from one of the quilt groups I belong to.  
They are always so thankful to receive them.  
It feels good to help locally doesn't it?

I had a very stressful day last Saturday.  
That con artist that has been working on my dad, and continues to call him, 
called him and he went to meet up with her. 
 I don't know why he can't get it through his head that all she wants is money! 
 He kept on giving her money and giving her money all with the expectation that when the lawsuit she is in was done she would pay it back. 
 Well, I think we all know that is never going to happen.  

Well, all of us except for him!!!  

As it turned out she didn't show, but it was a stressful couple of hours waiting for this to all play out.  I am at my wits end with my dad right now.  
He can tell you that he will never see his money and then turn right around and
 meet with her because she has "papers" regarding the lawsuit.  
I told him I can print those papers off the internet.  
Tell her to mail you a check when she gets the money
Which will be NEVER!

So when all was said and done, my sweet hubby asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch.  
We went to one of my favorite places, Chopstick House, for Chinese.  
Hunan Chicken
 Good food and good company helped me gain some perspective.

Oh dad, what am I going to do with you??



Sara said...

I can't believe this woman is still in the "picture" Sounds like she needs more than a talking to!

That Chinese food is making me hungry now:P

heartsease54 said...

Have you gone to the police about this? Maybe check with their fraud department to see if they have any info on her. Something like this happened to a local fellow and his family is still trying to straighten out the mess as he had put stuff in her name and also put her name on his checking account. Just a thought. As parents get older they tend to not want to listen to their children, I'm finding this to be true with my own Mother. But if you plant a seed with her, sometimes it will grow into her own idea.

Laura said...

Bless your heart.

Anna said...

oh we've had a family member fall prey to that...time for a power of attorney. of course getting a family member to agree is a challenge.

Rachel said...

HUGS (and lunch looks yummy!!)!

Karen said...

I don't know if Michigan has an online courts webpage (Iowa does), but I would run her name through. He needs to cut off all contact, because any contact means an open door to her. That means admitting that the money is gone, which it is. She just doesn't need more. I feel for you and your dad. Do you have power of attorney? My parents are aging and it is starting to cause stress for my sister and myself.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh Pam, wishing you to get through this with your dad quickly. It is so hard for him to see when he is in the middle of it.

Impera Magna said...

I don't know what to tell you, Pam... it's a bad situation.


Terri in BC said...

Is it possible to get your dad's phone number changed? Perhaps making it harder for her to contact him will help. Also, if you could get the police to talk to your dad, he make understand better if it's coming from an "official" authority. Prayers you get through this quickly.

Denise :) said...

Pam, I'm so sorry you're having this struggle right now. It's so much more difficult "parenting" our parents than it is our children. I totally agree with what Terri said -- sometimes hearing from an 'authority' figure makes all the difference in the world. I think in our parents' eyes we're still 'children'. I told my mom several different things that she brushed off until a doctor or physical therapist told her the same thing. Then it was valid advice. Frustrating, but there it is. Sending hugs and prayers your way! :)

Gwen said...

I'm catching up on my blogs and just read this. So sorry to hear the trouble's are continuing. When I went through this with the fellow taking advantage of my mom, I went to our school police resource officer and he told me if I could find out his full name and an address, I could sent him a registered letter(the one he has to sign for) telling him to cease contact. Then, if he were to show up again, he could be arrested. I don't know what your local/state laws are in your area, but maybe there is something similar you could try. I think(hope?) there must be a special level of Dante's hell for those that prey on the elderly. Oooo.... that didn't sound very Christianly did it? I'm going to have to ask forgiveness for that one tonight. And while I'm at it, I'll add a prayer for you and your Dad.

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