Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Living Room Moved To the New Sewing Room

I did it. 
 I bit the bullet and took everything related to my sewing from my living room and 
moved it to the new sewing room. 
 It was a LOT of work! 
 I haven't even moved any of the bins from the basement yet and I was beat!
  I realize that I need some different things in this room to make it work for me. 
The dressers are staying for now.
 After the new year, I can do more.
 For now this is what I did.

You can see the back of the closet.  I loaded up the shelves and put all the bolts on the floor

 Some magazine binders, books and of course more fabric. 
 It is just a temporary home for the fabric.

I did load some more fabric and batting on these shelves, but they are not strong shelves so whatever ends up on them must be relatively light weight.  
 I think my daughter had books there and they are not light weight, so maybe that will work. 
 I still have to play.

This is the bottom of the right side.  
Plastic project bins under the shelves and bagged up stuff on top.

My sewing box did fit under the window but not sure it will stay there forever either.

Here is a before of my LR

Here is the after. 

 I know I still need to get the cabinet upstairs.  
The box on the couch is stuff going out for a swap this week.  
There are 2 current projects , on on the couch and one on the cabinet. 
 I can't wait to move it all upstairs!!!

I will show you more when I have more finished.  
I need to sort that whole Lowe's box and package up 28 swap packages to send out this week! 
 Lab Christmas party is on Friday so I will have a busy week!

Thanks for stopping by! 
 I am excited to show my WIP Sewing Room to you.



Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Looking good so far. It is a lot of work, one day at at time. You will get there.

Mary Caldwell said...

Wow~! You have made a LOT of progress. Good job.

Bettina Groh said...

amazing... things are moving along, lucky you! Putting up wallboard here is going slowly but it is going!!
I am enjoying watching your progress... keep the photos coming!

Rachel said...

It is looking awesome!!

My Old Quilting Soul said...

looking good!!! Just in time for Christmas!

Karen said...

Congrats! You will so love this I can 'hear' it already! :)

Peppi said...

It looks great Pam!! I just had an Idea.. why dont you hang your fabric on those clothes hangers? It will give you more space on the shelves and you can see what you have. I quite like the Idea myself... might be something I will do in my sewing room.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You can do it, I know it! Just be patient and remember to pace yourself, it will all get done, in due time. Now, whatever will you DO in the reclaimed living room? Ha!!

Anna said...

you must be successful!!! because your process is giving me anxiety as I am going to be faced with this challenge in the Spring!!! Oye Vey!!!

Sara said...

That floor in your living room is pretty! I am so happy for you!!

Faith said...

Im so excited to read about your new work room.
I love my tiny work room even though it looks like a bomb has hit it as I have so many projects on the go but wow your workroom can be great a great place to escape to when you want tox

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