Saturday, December 01, 2012

New Sewing Room...The Cleaning

I have shared the most difficult part, the out of control stash. 
 Now to show you the almost mine New Sewing Room. 
 I had someone ask me about where I am currently sewing and that would be my living room.  

This new space used to be my girls room.  
So consider this your private tour. 
And we're walking!

I still have some clearing out to do but this is the view from the hallway door.  
On the left you see the shelves I still need to clear out and replace with book cases. 
 Oh and the trundle bed that will be gone after the first of the year.

Looking to the right you see one of the dressers that will be staying.

Turning my back to the window and looking back into the room you see the closet and the other dresser.

Now for the inside of the closet right? 
 There are shelves on both sides and on the back.  
Hanging space and a shelf above the floor.
Shelves on the left with the hanging space. 
 I need to box up the contents of this closet yet too.

Right side of the closet that still needs to be boxed up too.

This is what the shelf near the floor looks like and there is one on each side of the closet.

These are the shelves on the left side that still need to be cleared out too.

So now you have seen my pending sewing space!
The room is about 10 feet  x 12 feet.

I still have some clearing out to do,
 but I will be moving the contents of the living room upstairs in the next week.

I am really enjoying reading your ideas so keep them coming!



Susan said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see how long it takes you to fill it to the brim!

Terri in BC said...

Don't you just love it that they leave everything behind that they don't want for you to box up! I had several boxes in the garage for a number of years, but when they each bought their first homes, I dropped them all off! I love my sewing room that was one of their bedrooms.

Scrapatches said...

Lovely room for sewing! I recently gained my sewing room when my daughter left the nest. It is about the same size and she also left behind one storage unit that did not fit in her new place. There are two closets now filled with all the boxes and bins of my stash and such that I still have to sort and organize. Enjoy setting up your new quilty haven ... :) Pat

MollyP said...

Having that closet is awesome! It's amazing how much you can organize in there to keep your room easier to navigate. I bought a couple of the 5 drawer sterilite organizers and lined them up on the back wall of my closet to store all my gift wrap paraphernalia and larger scraps. I have the 3 drawer versions under my cutting table (out of the way) to store kitted quilt ideas and collections I want to keep together. I'm in the process of moving my sewing room to the basement, so I'm losing my closet. Man, that was good place to hide stuff! :) Congrats on the great new space!

Anna said...

Strong effort! It is so nice to have a space where you can close the door and walk away from, lol

Sara said...

Looking real good! The shelves in the closet are fantastic.

Mommarock said...

I used a drawer in my dresser for my patterns. They fit in there nicely. Also I used a pencil case for all of my marking pencils to keep them all together and organized nicely. Thimbles all together in one container (yep we all have several). Then since you are getting book shelves I thought you could use the ones in your closet for your books and the ones in the rooms for your pretty fabric that is more fun to look at. They have hanging shoe racks at the store that you could use to put in the closet to store your fat quarters in stacked nicely by color. Well, that is if you don't put your rubbermaid totes in there. I used clear plastic totes stacked, but then you have to unstack them to get to the one on the bottom and that is a royal pain.

Rachel said...

Yay! I love the colors in the room! Closet looks awesome!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh goodie, more shelving! Your going to love it when you get it all done!

Michele said...

You are so going to love having your own private sewing space. I know that I do.

Karen said...

The built in shelves with the closet are fabulous! Cannot wait to see your stuff all loaded in!

Katie M. said...

Nice space! I shared a room with my sister when I was growing up. Had a roommate when I left the family home. Have had a roommate (DH) for the past 40 years.... Having my own sewing room - priceless!! You'll love it and it will become your special haven...

Impera Magna said...

Lots of work ahead but you're going to have a great sewing room... keep up the good work!

Bettina Groh said...

I too have plastic bins that you can't see through... and finally in my dotage I have started labeling them! At least I know where to start looking for something!!

Judy said...

I love those built in shelves. Take the hangers out and add more shelves unless you plan the space for something else. That room will be a great sewing room. If it were me I would pull up the carpet and put down a faux wood floor. Its easier to clean and for dropping things. I am so excited for you. I remember when my kids left, having my first sewing room. I share your exictement.

dianne said...

i like to take pictures of the contents of bins and tape each picture to the outsides - then i know without opening it what is in there ... i don't like moving bins that are stacked on top of each other, either, so i bought some shelves that fit the size of the bins - the fat quarter bins are in those cube units that Target puts on sale every once in awhile, two units stacked on top of each other and placed against the back closet wall ... i don't have the dollars to do everything at once, so i am organizing sloooooowly - when i had ALL of the stuff in our little room, i couldn't move around - so now it's all there and everywhere else, but it will get done eventually...

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