Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilts for Sandy Hook and A Question

As a quilter my first response to a tragedy is to make a quilt.
  I think a lot of us feel like that.  
There has been some discussion about whether it would comfort or 
remind the families of the horrific events that transpired yesterday. 
 I think it would comfort.  
Julie of Phoenix Quilts is going to work to get enough quilts for all the kids in the school 
and for the families of those killed.  

It is going to take over 700 quilts!

 If you are interested or want more information, you can get in touch with Julie on her blog.  
I don't know the time frame as of yet but will keep you posted as I have more information.

  Let's pull together and help out.

Now for the question.  
In your sewing room, what kind of chair are you using when you sew? 
 I am going to get a new chair for my sewing room and
was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions?  
What things should I be looking for?

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing about your chairs!!



✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I have the Arrow chair with casters and flip seat. I love it! Leona of Leona's Quilting Adventure has it too. You need a plastic mat underneath for it to roll, but other than that it is so comfortable and cute! Good luck finding a good chair.

Anna said...

I have a comfee sewing chair which allows me to sew for hours without back pain.

will check out Julie's site

Rachel said...

Wheels, padding and adjustable height....I will be looking into the quilts for Sandy Hook, thanks for passing the info on!

Michele said...

I got the Baily task chari at Office Max.
I tried tons of different ones until I found one that I liked. It is really comfortable, the fabric doesn't make me sweat if I sit for a long period of time and it wasn't expensive.

I'll check out the quilts for Sandy Hook. Thanks for the info.

Gmama Jane said...

Thanks for passing the quilts for Sandy Hook along!! I think a quilt is the next thing closest to a hug. BTW, my chair is an office chair with adjustable height, rolls and arms. I sat in all of them to make sure I like it. I think I found mine at Staples for between 50-65..not sure because I think I got it on sale. I'm short so adjustable height is my #1 priority!
Gmama Jane

dianne said...

i sit on a bright purple student chair from Office Max and it doesn't fit my butt - so i have not ever felt the love for it ... i like being able to roll - and i'd like some cushion (although i really SHOULDN'T need it) and back support with lots of room for my arms cuz i look like i'm flying when i'm sitting at the machine, and adjustable height ... Auntia thinks our chairs are perfect (can you tell that she isn't an old woman?) ... i DO love the color, though

Connie said...

I need a chair too. I have been sewing for over 40 years and have used a wooden chair. I don't know why I have never gotten a better chair. I am looking now for a comfortable chair with wheels, no arms, adjustable, and more. Hope you find a good one.

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