Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tula Pink Swap Round 2

Some of you may know that I hosted a swap recently.  
Everyone had to choose a Tula Pink fabric.  
There were 28 people playing along. 
 Everyone bought 2 yards of a TP fabric and cut it into 28 ten inch squares and sent them to me. 
 I sorted them (with the help of Pauline and Stacey) into 28 piles of 28 different fabrics
 and sent them back in the SASE they sent me with their fabric.
Mostly it was a lot of fun.  

We did have one person that was sending 5 peoples worth of squares and she sent them a month late.  It all worked out in the end.  

Here is what we ended up with:

(photo used with permission from Carbonated Creations)

So some were asking if there would be a round 2. 
 I wasn't going to do it and then Salt Water came out. 

 How could I resist? 
 Resistance was futile!  

Hence, round 2 was born.  

According to TP, this is the closest we are going to get to a Neptune reprint. 
 The colors are the same as in the Neptune line!!

If you are interested, all the info can be found here.  
Specifically you need to go to the discussion thread that says "sign up here" and enter your info on the list in the post.  
So far we have 13 signed up so we have a little room if you are interested!  
If you have questions, please email me.
 International friends are welcome, we will Pay Pal invoice you for the shipping. 
 One smart, international woman ordered her fabric from an online vendor and
 had it shipped to me and I cut it up for her.  
She ordered a smidge more for me which was very generous!  
That way she only paid postage one way.  

So if you love Tula Pink fabrics like we all do then sign up!  
We are playing the no duplicates from round one though 
so if you want to play along be sure to check out the photos from the first round and the list. 
 All photos in the group to the left of this photo are for round 2.  

Again, if you are unsure you can ask me.

C'mon, you know you want to play along!



Mina said...

Oh, how did I miss round 1? Just signed up for round 2

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