Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Little Help From My Friend

I have been trying to finish up a project that had a deadline by the end of the month. 
 I finally got it all pieced and quilted but needed to put the binding on.  
Autumn thought she needed to help me.

You can see the pins in the binding!

She fell asleep as I stitched and watched Supernatural.

It was a very relaxing afternoon over here.  

Now I have bread rising and laundry in. 
 Getting ready to watch the new Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead and Downton Abbey!



Christine L said...

I love your kitty! I have one that does that too! You'd think they wouldn't want to sit on the pins, but they don't seem to mind do they...Giggle.

Valspierssews said...

Lovely watching your cat fall asleep. You have a great viewing line up for sewing.

Michele said...

I knew what sort of pictures I was going to see when I saw the title of this post. The sleeping fur baby one just melts my heart.

dianne said...

pretty kitty ... is that Kissing Booth fabric that i see peeking out?!?

Johanna said...

Quilts are cat magnets! I sat down the other night to sew on binding and somehow, my cat appeared on of nowhere and was on my lap before I was even comfortable in the chair. Trust me, this cat is not a lap cat and I am not her favorite person either. It is rough not being the cats favorite person, but my husband is her puppet. He will even get up and feed her a can of food in the middle of the night even though she has a bowl of dry food. Now why in the world can't I train him. Even the cat can do it!

Brenda said...

I was tired last night fell asleep during the last half hour of the Downton. Oh well, I have not seen season 2 yet, so I will want to watch season 3 again. Cannot wait to see your project!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Autumn is a beautiful girl. great photos! We're waaaay behind on Downton Abbey, I'm afraid I'm going to know far too much about it by the time we finish...

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