Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I took the train from Windsor to Toronto yesterday. 
 We went over the Ambassador bridge on our way from Detroit to Windsor

I had tof ind my way to the hotel and it happened to be by the CN tower and it was all lit up.

I didn't take a pic tonight but it was changing colors and one time it was rainbow!

Interestingly the giant crane also had lightw all over it too!

This is what it looks like in the day. 
 Maybe we will go up in the tower tomorrow.

I had a fabulous day today. 
 I got to meet my Flickr friend Carmen for lunch today. 
 She lives here and knew a great little place and we spent a wonderful hour and a half just visiting. 
 So much fun! 

 Then she walked me to the street car and put me on it to go to the Workroom, a quilt shop. 
 The shop was very quaint but, being from the US it was a little more expensive than I am used to.  The owner was so nice I bought one FQ of a Kona solid but it was $8.95!!! 
 The printed FQ's were $14.95. 
 I didn't even want to see what the Heather Ross fabric was selling for.  

I took the street car back down Queen street and stopped off in the garment district. 
 I meandered in and out of the garment fabric shops. 
I went into  a Japanese ribbon shop that was pretty cool too.

 It was a fun afternoon. 

 After walking around in the frigid north I decided that it was time to go back to our hotel.  
We were staying at the Roger center and this is what I saw as I was approaching my hotel.

Unfortunately I haven't been feeling very well, stomach issues. 
 I am still glad to be here and am having fun!! 
 More when I get a chance!



ytsmom said...

Wow! That is quite a difference in price. Not sure why, when the exchange rate is almost even. I guess we should be glad that fabric is cheaper here, even if the prices have risen!

Terri in BC said...

Wow, that's quite expensive even by Canadian standards. I pay $8.98/metre (about 39.5 inches)or $2.50 for a Canadian FQ (20x22") for Kona solids at my LQS.

Sara said...

Such a beautiful shopping area. Too bad the prices weren't as nice. Hope you feel better soon.

greelyrita said...

We do pay more for fabric than you but it certainly doesn't have to be THAT expensive. Toronto has some extremely expensive stores! I saw a set of enameled bowls recently (4 nested ones). I hope you know how easily they chip - they cost $90!! Holy Cow!!

On the other hand, the architectural details to be found in Toronto are delightful, aren't they? I just love these little surprises. We don't have that in Ottawa (4 hours away) at all.

Annemiek said...

Sounds like a fun trip indeed! Sorry for your stomach troubles, hopefuly you'll feel better soon.
Average fq's here are €4.50..I won't convert it to $$, you'll get a heartattack. Thank heaven for online shopping in spite of raising shippingcosts!

Anna said...

how fun to meet an internet friend! I have not been to a quilt store in Canada but know that friends there love to shop here...no wonder! Hope you start to feel better!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Yay, hope you have fun and your tummy gets better!

Joanne said...

Our prices are definitely more than south of the border. Thanks for posting some nice pictures of TO. I grew up there but live about three hours north of there now. Big snow storm heading your way tomorrow. Joanne

Katherine said...

Oh, cool pics of TO! Wow. I'm familiar with higher prices than in US, but thankfully they're not that high in this part of the country (at least that I know of! lol).

Glad you got to meet up with a friend for a visit and have been exploring. Hope your tummy is better!

Dolores said...

Ha! Please don't think that Toronto is that expensive. No one here in their right mind would pay that for a FQ. I've been quilting for over 30 years and there are much more reasonable stores than the one you went to.
Scroll down to see their Kona solid FQ club. 4 FQ for $10.99. They are located in T.O. albeit quite a bit north of downtown.