Friday, February 08, 2013

Ready For A Little More TO?

TO, that's what the Canadian's call Toronto. 
 Who knew?  
We had one more full day to go exploring and boy did we make the most of it! 
 We walked for over 5 hours! 
 I was exhausted. 
 Ready to go exploring with us?

I am just going to state here that there are a bazillion photos over on Flickr .
 I couldn't possibly post them all here.  
So if you want the entire tour you will need to stop over there.

We went to the train station and bought a day pass.  
That let us ride the subway, bus or street car all day. 
 Took the street car to the Distillery District. 
 I somehow thought there would be more alcohol in said district but sadly, no.
  Lots of little shops though.

There was a Sake distillery.  
We got to watch them make it and learn a lot about how they do so.
 We bought a small bottle. 
 It came with Sake glasses. 
 Hubby is a sucker for anything that comes with something else,
 The process was interesting to hear about.

Next we visited a chocolate shop.  

Hubby and the other pilot are in the corner getting some hot chocolate. 
 I walked over after taking this photo. 
 I burst out laughing when I saw this on the hot chocolate container.

I think I need a Ninja sticker too!! 

OK, I'm composing myself now. 

Next we walked some more.  
Through the Eaton Place mall and stopped at a pub for lunch.
 I wanted to go to the Toronto Textile Museum and the guys wanted to go to the hockey hall of fame.  They dropped me off at the museum and went on their way to the hall of fame.

There were a lot of interesting textile things but there was one really unusual item.  
A camel cover.

The museum washosting a Marimekko exhibit too. 
Very interesting. 
 Loads of photos on my Flickr.

There was an amazing sashiko quilt hanging up when I first entered the museum too. 
Apparently done by a group of Canadian women for the museum.

A few close ups

I trudged to the subway and took it to Front street and walked the rest of the way to the hotel. 
I was BEAT! 
 We went out for dinner close to the hotel as we were all so tired.  
This was our view on the way back to the hotel.  
The CN tower was lit up in 2 colors. 
 The night before it was rainbow and I didn't get a picture but it was cool. 
 Too bad it was soooo pricey to go up to the top. 
 $32 to the restaurant and another $12 to to to the observation deck. 
 No thank you! 
 I like the view down here just fine.

I had to laugh when I was trying to get across the border to come home the border agent was shocked that I didn't buy anything while I was there. 
 I told her I could buy everything I wanted at home much cheaper.  
She didn't seem to like that very much! 

I did manage to get the October Birdie Stitches block done and
 will show it to you once I can get it pressed.

Hope everyone is staying safe in all this snow. 
 I am walking over to Cori's for some thread in a little bit. 
 I am quilting a little wall hanging myself but don't have the right thread color. 
 It sure is great to have her shop so close! 
 (Or maybe it's dangerous?!) 
If you are stuck inside, why don't you go online and visit her too?  
I'm sure you need something she has too. 
 It will kind of be like shopping together right?  
Virtual shopping! 
 I show you mine if you show me yours...purchases I mean.



Sandy D said...

Glad you had a good time. I don't know why the border agent would be surprised, things are a lot cheaper in the U.S. That is why a lot of us Canadians buy our fabric either on-line or when we visit. Most fabrics are about 16 dollars a meter which is only 3 inches more than a yard.Our dollars are comparable. So why so much of a difference?

Dolores said...

As one who has lived all her life in T.O., there are so many other places you could have seen. I will be on my way to the Textile Museum in the next couple of weeks - to see the Marimekko display. I guess your hubby didn't ge to the Steamwhistle brewery? It's right beside the CN Tower and they have samples. My son used to wait at Miss Street in the Distillery district.

Dolores said...

Sorry, that was supposed to be Mill Street Brewery.
Loads of snow here now so it's lucky you you're home safe.

greelyrita said...

Don't feel badly about all the things you didn't see. There are an endless number of them! I'm glad you enjoyed what you did do, despite the cold!! xo

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