Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Wolf Quilt Is Finished

I told you all that I was working on a custom quilt for an online auction
 that my daughter was involved with. 
 The quilt had to have a wolf theme. 
 Specifically a Teen Wolf theme. 
 It is not something I would usually do but since it was what was requested so
I made the best darned wolf quilt ever!

Without further ado here is my interpretation of what was requested.

The triskelions were appliqued as were the words. 
 I even made the words in the same font as Teen Wolf! 

 Liz quilted it overall with snowflakes. 
 I bound it in Kona Pepper which is what the triskele's were made with.

Here is the label, I used my stamp, signed it and put my signature pinwheel on it.
  You can see the quilting a little bit in this photo too. 
 So I know it isn't my usual but all in all I think it came out very well. 
 What do you think??

I will be in Toronto when this posts but will be checking in to see what you guys think.



Samantha said...

I give it two thumbs up! I'm working on my hubby's wolf quilt also... totally different kind of wolf quilt. My thought is if there is a wolf on it you can't go wrong though! I'll have to make sure my daughter sees this post tomorrow. It will make her happy! :D

Valspierssews said...

What a great quilt. I love all the fabrics.

Michele said...

I think it turned out great. Nice job.

dianne said...


(according to Answers, that how to spell a wolf's howl)

Judy said...

A very pretty quilt. Well done

Judy said...

A very pretty quilt. Well done

Unknown said...

Beautiful...my DH would love it as he collects wolves.

Brenda said...

Great job! I think it should bring in the money at auction!

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