Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Bee Blocks

I have joined 2 online bees. 
 Bee Vintage which uses vintage sheets and Ima Bee where we make 2 blocks of the queen's choosing.  I decided to make 2 blocks for each person in the Bee Vintage bee too.  
You just don't get enough with only one. 
 I have 4 to make for this month and have 3 o the 4 done. 
 Wanna see?

Here are the blocks for the Bee Vintage

And these

I showed the heart blocks that I made already but in case you forgot here they are again

On the train ride to and from Toronto I worked on my Birdie Stitches October block.
I got the center all finished

This week I got the squares around the block sewn on too. 
 Woo Hoo!! 
 Only 2 more months to go and I can begin to assemble the quilt!

I have also been working on getting my Tula Pink swap finished up and ready for the mail. 
 I think I will do things a little differently next time. 
 Yes, I am a sucker and there will be a round 3.  

On Sunday I made buffalo chicken lasagne and it was fabulous!!
  I also made bread and an apple pie.  
We packed them all up and took it to my daughter's house and ate dinner with her. 
 It was so nice. 
 That lasagne was amazing!!!  

I had to drive up to GR to see my dad again on Tuesday.
  I got to watch the amazing MSU vs U of M basketball game.
  I took the time and cleaned out some of a closet at the same time.
 I found some weird stuff, like my sixth grade gym suit. 
 Who keeps that stuff?  

 We had to be at court on Wed morning
so I could assume guardianship of my older, mentally impaired sister. 
 I had to actually go up on the witness stand and testify! 
 It all went well and I am the newest guardian of my sister.  

No shortage of fun over here at my house! 
 I am happy to be making progress though. 
I am also working on a project that I, hopefully, will be able to share shortly!  

What's going on in your life?? 
 Send me some good vibes,
 I think I need some right now!



MB in MI said...

Your bee blocks are great...and so is the guardianship of your sis, bless your heart!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Good vibes to you Pam! Love the bee blocks, especially the hearts and good job on Birdie Stitches - you are almost there. Bless you for all you do for your family.

Michele said...

I too like your bee blocks. The vintage fabrics are really fantastic.

dianne said...

na na na na na ... na na na ... na na na na na ... na na na do do do do ... do do do ... do do do do do ... do do do
(oom bop bop)

are you FEELING those good vibrations?!? cuz i don't usually sing the Beach Boys...

i'm gonna have to dig out the files for the birdy blocks someday and stitch them - they are feel good blocks - love yours!!!

krislovesfabric said...

haha, good I can't sing and the comment above took care of ya! You make me want to get out my smallish sheet stash and sew, sew, sew :) thanks for sharing!

Quilt n Queen said...

You have been sewing like a made woman too!! I've got to start looking for more vintage I can add more to the moving truck!!

Sara said...

Bbq lasagna now that sounds yummy! Glad to hear the guardianship went well.

Unknown said...

Dang Nab it Pam... I don't get where you find so much time in a day! You are so busy professionally and as a wife, mom, and extended family caretaker, socially and friendly and as a leader and also social networking! I am taking notes! Congrats on all your efforts and thank you for all you do. U r Awesome

Unknown said...

And YES LOVE the blocks above. Great idea on the embroidery center blocks. And LOVE the creative heart blocks.

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