Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm a winner

I don't have time to visit many blogs so I skim most of the time.  
I love Laurie Wisburn's designs so I pop in every now and again to see what she has been up to.  
I am in LOVE with her Llama's.  
I so hope someone picks those up soon.  
Anyway, she has done some embroidery designs (machine embroidery) and 
was giving away a set of 26 threads to be able to make her designs and I was the winner!! 
 I received the thread in the mail yesterday. 
 I couldn't figure out what was in this HUGE envelope I got in the mail and it was the thread. 

    (photo from Laurie's blog)

It was too dark to get a good picture of all the threads, but what an amazing collection!  
Thank you Laurie!

If you get a minute stop over at the Scarlet Fig and see her work.  You will be happy you did!



Gill said...


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Michele said...

Congratulations on your win. I'm sure you will enjoy using the threads. I understand what you mean about having to skim read blog posts at times.

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