Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Trip

My hubby and I had to go up to Grand Rapids again on Friday to do some more cleaning. 
 We stopped at Kean's in Mason and I found some more fabric to go with my rooster tea towel. 
 I picked up a few more golds and that snappy magenta with the mustard dots! 
 I am thinking that it would make a splendid inner border around the tea towel
 before making the rest of the quilt.

Don't they look so yummy all stacked up here and ready to be desiigned with? 
 Oh well, it will have to wait until the wedding quilts are finished.

I also picked up this adorable mustached fabric too. 
 I think it is so cute!  
Not sure what I will do with it but something fun.

Have a wonderful Monday!



West Michigan Quilter said...

I keep forgetting about that store. I'm going to have to get over there. Love your new fabrics.

Crispy said...

I'm lovin' the fabric and that magenta is PERFECT!!


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