Saturday, April 06, 2013


So Google Reader is not going to exist much longer and it looks like others are migrating to Bloglovin.  Apparently you need to claim your blog though them as well. 
 I am going to claim my blog!

 Now it would be great for you to signup to follow me there if you are still wanting to follow my blog
 and you used to be following via Reader.

Aiden says you should follow me too = )  

I have been cleaning out the fabric stash and have more to share soon.  
Will probably list some fabrics for destash here tomorrow if anyone is interested please stop back!



Michele T said...

Seriously, does your cat "talk" a lot? It sure does look like it!!! Too cute!

dianne said...

that's my Aiden!!! she's so BOSSY!!!

Crispy said...

I'm using Bloglovin' too but never "declared" anything and it works just fine LOL.


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