Monday, April 15, 2013

Sorting and Swapping. Tula Pink Round 3

I have had the pleasure of being the swap mama for not one but three rounds of swapping
 Tula Pink 10" squares. 
 I have finally received all the fabric for round 3 and needed to do the sorting. 
 There were 28 participants so as you can imagine I needed a long table to do the sorting. 
 So I booked a conference room at work and enlisted the help of 2 of my friends. 
 I thought you might get a kick out of seeing the process. 

Such good friends to help me!

A lovely pile of Tula goodness!

Ooooo Nest

All the packages sorted and ready for the next step. 
 I have to get the list and see who I need to Paypal and who wants round 3 to ship with their round 4/5. 
 Yes that's right I said round 4/5. 
 We are already on to a combined round 4 and 5. 

 And guess what? 
 Those crazy folks are getting ready and claiming their fabrics for rounds 6 and 7. 

We have this great woman in the group that has listed all the fabrics by line and 
put each claimed fabric on the list.  

We have not repeated a single fabric in 5 rounds!  
This has been fun but doing 2 rounds at one time and 
overlapping with the previous round has been a little hairy.  

I am hoping to have some time this week to get it all together and sent out. 
 I hope my peeps have confidence in me and will be patient!

What craziness are you up to?  



dianne said...

craziness?!? shoveling freaking snow ... AGAIN ... no snow day this time, though, doggone it

Crispy said...

Holy Moley!! You are far crazier than I am LOL. I'm sure you will get it all done perfectly :0)


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